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Happy Easter from everyone at Jigoshop!

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How are you planning to spend Easter? Perhaps you intend to take part in sunrise services or the ancient custom of clipping the church. Alternatively, you might plan to take part in an egg hunt or Easter parade, or even – of course – eat some chocolate eggs! There are many different possibilities for how you could celebrate Easter and spend some great time with friends and family. Which of these possibilities you follow is up to you, and that’s a big part of the fun of this special occasion. Whatever you do, make sure that you have fun!

Many exciting possibilities with both Easter and Jigoshop

Similarly, a big part of the fun of running a Jigoshop-assisted online store is being able to draw upon a wide range of exciting opportunities. You can, for example, choose from many visual themes and highly functional extensions for the shop. A wide range of themes and extensions are available to download through the Jigoshop website. You can also choose from many different items, including Easter-themed items, to stock. Why not peruse the Jigoshop website to learn more while you are having fun nibbling at that delicious chocolate egg? Happy Easter, everyone!

Money back guarantee on all the purchases on

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The WordPress eCommerce plugin Jigoshop has helped many companies to develop highly attractive and functional online shops. However, the new management of Jigoshop Limited, the company that is responsible for this plugin and based in the UK, has recognised concerns of its clients about the plugin and so has decided to make several crucial changes to enhance what this WordPress eCommerce plugin offers. Particularly noteworthy among these changes is the introduction of a 14 days money back guarantee for all purchases made through the Jigoshop website at Continue reading

Quick release for Jigoshop 1.8.3 in response to feedback

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We can announce that another update for Jigoshop has been released, a fix being tested and applied in a matter of hours for a bug that our support and development teams were made aware of this morning.

The team also took the opportunity to apply a website optimisation fix to reduce the size of HTML. Finally, licences have been updated and it is now also possible to filter orders in the admin panel by date.

These are all changes that we hope will continue to make Jigoshop your first choice of ecommerce plugin. Many thanks for your support!

Jigoshop 1.8.3 Changelog

  • New: Orders in admin panel can be filtered by date
  • Tweak: Updated licences
  • Tweak: Moved country-states JavaScript to separate file
  • Fix: Categories widget can redirect to “All” page too

How to make shopping easier for people who have to hurry

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There are occasions when we want to not only buy something, but also buy it within a very short amount of time. This can happen when, for example, Christmas is just a week away but we have just realised that we have forgotten to get a present for a particular person. It can also happen when we want to get hold of something that we know is in high demand and so could quickly sell out in many shops. If you make particular changes to your Jigoshop-powered online shop to make it easier for many people to buy speedily from it, this can enhance your shop’s reputation and so help it to gain more customers. Here are some such changes that you could make.

Make sure that your shop website is appropriate in appearance

How the website for the shop is designed can hugely influence how quickly many people can browse and buy from it. What you should aim for is such a website where someone can quickly find a product that they really like due to being able to easily find the right category page, the right subcategory page – if they need it – and, of course, the page for the product itself. For shoppers short of time, it can also be very helpful if you use thumbnails on and attach graphics to listings for particularly noteworthy products – provided, of course, that those thumbnails and graphics are efficiently eye-catching to attract prompt attention from such shoppers.

Use an extension named Jigoshop Quickview

Among the many extensions available to download using the Jigoshop website is one called Jigoshop Quickview. The name of this plugin almost says everything crucial that you should know about it, but we will explain more about the plugin’s purpose anyway. The plugin, which costs just $14.00 to use, enables visitors to a Jigoshop-powered online store to quickly and easily see information about products listed on the shop website’s category or product listing pages. A visitor can just click on a Quickview symbol near a product listing to produce a modal box displaying crucial information and images about that product.