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Jigoshop 1.8.6 released!

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“You get out what you put in” is the best way to describe what has started happening with Jigoshop eCommerce plugin and it’s team as of begining of April 2014. The new team of developers has certainly made an impression on users of Jigoshop. Over the last few weeks we have heard countless times words of appreciation for our hard work. As soon as our development team became active our clients, users and parters reacted in the same way and have contacted us with potential improvements and tiny bugs being reported.  The amount of support enquiries which were closed in the last 2 weeks are on a level of 75%. Continue reading

Product backorders and more in Jigoshop 1.8.5

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Here at Jigoshop, we routinely work hard to develop and improve our WordPress extension. This extension has helped many online traders globally to amass more sales through highly practical and visually appealing retail websites. The latest release of Jigoshop, Jigoshop 1.8.5, comes with several changes that help to make an already widely esteemed online retail platform even better. Continue reading

Jigoshop 1.8.2 is released with new translation and updates

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We are delighted to confirm further new and updated translations in the latest version of Jigoshop, following the similar changes for 1.8.1. This time, it’s the existing Danish, German and Polish translations receiving much-deserved love courtesy of Tine Kristensen, Andy Jordan and OptArt respectively, while we are also indebted to Eason Chen for a new Chinese Taiwan translation.

Such enhancements to the language functionality of Jigoshop will only make your online store even more usable by a wider range of prospective customers around the world. But it isn’t only languages receiving some attention for the latest version, with the Jigoshop categories widget having once more been given a pop-up select for the ‘dropdown’ setting.

There are also some PayPal-related improvements, including the default display of credit card entry fields and a fix for difficulties processing free orders. The update is now available if you are an existing Jigoshop user – but be sure to back up your site first.

== Changelog ==
= 1.8.2
* Tweak: PayPal landing page will now show Credit Card entry fields by default
* Fix: Force 0.01 charge on free orders at PayPal to allow it to process through PayPal
* Fix: Jigoshop categories widget will again use a pop-up select when ‘dropdown’ setting is enabled
* Languages: New Chinese Taiwan translation courtesy of Eason Chen
* Languages: Updated Danish translation courtesy of Tine Kristensen
* Languages: Updated German translation courtesy of Andy Jordan
* Languages: Updated Polish translation courtesy of OptArt

New translations and more in Jigoshop 1.8.1

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New and updated translations for Slovenian, German, Croatian and Ukranian are just some of the reasons to upgrade to the latest version of Jigoshop, which is now available as an update for existing Jigoshop users.

We’ve also taken time over the Christmas period to improve a number of fixes and tweaks. They cover variations, free shipping, better reporting, and improvements to the Products on Sale shortcode.

As always, we’d recommend anyone updating to ensure they have backed up their site before starting the upgrade procedure.

Jigoshop 1.8.1 Changelog:

  • Tweak: Variations that are all priced the same will no longer show the secondary price when selected
  • Tweak: Free Shipping module only activates on totals after applied coupon amounts
  • Tweak: Provide total quantity products sold for Reports
  • Fix: Reports include orders from beginning day of date range
  • Fix: After coupon removal on Cart, totals recalculated
  • Fix: Products on sale shortcode now uses default loop-shop template to allow pagination
  • Fix: Products on sale shortcode won’t show all products if non actually on sale
  • Fix: Clicks on Checkout’s ‘ship to billing’ will force a recalc for selected states and taxes
  • Fix: Numerous fixes for PHP Strict warnings
  • Languages: Updated pot file for translators
  • Languages: Updated Ukranian translation courtesy of Anatolii Sakhnik
  • Languages: Updated Croatian translation courtesy of Ivica Delic
  • Languages: Updated German translation courtesy of Andy Jordan
  • Languages: New Slovenian translation courtesy of David Bratuša

We’re also working on some major improvements for future releases, including our constant evolution of tax classes and shipping to make running an online shop, and making purchases, as easy as possible. We’re currently coordinating with the developers of all our existing and future shipping extensions regarding our next release – which will include better handling of multiple tax classes – great news for areas such as Canada.

And we also hope you had a great Christmas and New Year! We’ll be doing all we can to help you continue to build your Jigoshop business in 2014!


Jigoshop 1.8 out now with new features, including WorldPay payments

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We’re pleased to announce the release of Jigoshop 1.8, which is now available to install/upgrade for your online eCommerce shop. As always, there are significant new features and functionality included in the release, along with additional tweaks, some minor fixes and also some new language files, including a updated Brazilian translation courtesy Raphael Suzuki, and an updated Czech translation courtesy Jaraoslav Ondra.

Jigoshop has already been downloaded more than a quarter of a million times, with a huge range of stores operating around the world. If you haven’t already given us a try, you can download Jigoshop for free and install it to any WordPress site today.


Jigoshop 1.8 adds WorldPay to core:

We want you to be online and accepting customers as quickly as possible, so you can now implement WorldPay payment services within the core Jigoshop download, along with the existing PayPayl and FuturePay options. WorldPay already work with more than 500,000 businesses, specialising in small and medium-sized companies, so you can start accepting all major card payments and currencies with 24 hour support and fraud screening for your peace of mind.


WorldPay Payments are now included in the free core Jigoshop 1.8 download

Obviously you’re still able to choose any preferred choice from our wide range of Jigoshop payment gateways, but now you get 3 options included in your free core download to let you start generating revenue immediately.

Jigoshop 1.8 also includes a new Javascript Checkout Field Validation, to ensure that customers complete the checkout correctly, and improve conversion rates. Highlighting any errors straight away means that customers can correct them without getting frustrated.


Jigoshop 1.8 includes Checkout Validation to improve conversion rates

Plus extension and gateways for Jigoshop got even easier for developers to create with a new Jigoshop Request API, meaning that you’ll be able to choose from even more options, on top of the hundreds already available.

Jigoshop has also got quicker, with various tweaks and changes particularly to front end Javascript, and we’ve also cleaned up reporting to make it even easier to see how your online store is doing.


Jigoshop 1.8 Full Release Notes:

  •  New: WorldPay payment gateway added to Jigoshop core
  •  New: Settings->General->`Complete processing Orders` option for ‘processing’ orders older than 30 days
  •  New: Implement Jigoshop Request API for extensions and gateways
  •  New: Javascript Checkout field validation to enhance payment conversion. Shows correct and incorrect fields. Orders won’t be placed until all Checkout fields required data are input and validated
  •  Tweak: Revamped all Jigoshop frontend javascript for modularity and efficiency. All Jigoshop Javascript loads in footer for improved performance
  •  Tweak: Updated several external Javascript libraries (jQuery blockUI, select2)
  •  Tweak: Removed large jQuery UI library from front end loading, loads required bits as needed (Price Filter)
  •  Tweak: Jigoshop now only loads one CSS file from all internal sources for efficiency
  •  Tweak: Add a codeblock option type in the settings for extensions to use internally
  •  Tweak: Combine Edit Order variation attributes with product addons extension in one panel for Orders
  •  Tweak: Add some filters for Jigoshop WPML extension to allow more translated items
  •  Tweak: Jigoshop Reports pie chart cleanup with separate legend that won’t over write charts
  •  Tweak: Jigoshop Reports pie chart products now show with 5% share
  •  Fix: Jigoshop Reports pie chart for ‘Most Sold’ per period now accurately reflects top products sold
  •  Fix: Repair Google Analytics function for tracking code to load in header where it’s required
  •  Fix: Repair Google eCommerce Product tracking for Thank You page
  •  Fix: Unpaid ‘on-hold’ orders from cash or cheque gateways will no longer be overwritten with another order
  •  Fix: FuturePay gateway will not be selectable on the Checkout for Orders over $500.00 (current credit limit)
  •  Fix: Test to ensure PayPal payment amounts and addresses matches initially submitted order as a security check
  •  Fix: Remove filter that was overriding Contact Form 7 or other mail extensions for ‘From’ name on emails
  •  Fix: Variations that use Parent Product for stock tracking, Parent will now reduce stock upon order payment
  •  Languages: Updated .pot file for translators
  •  Languages: Updated Brazilian translation courtesy of Raphael Suzuki
  •  Languages: Updated Czech translation courtesy of Jaroslav Ondra

Friday 16th August Plugin Updates

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We’ve got a nice selection of updates for you this week! Pro Pro
With the update to 1.0.3 this update has:

  • Correct tax calculation sent when coupons applied
  • Correct currency allowed for Canada
  • Added .pot file for translators

Affiliates Pro Integration Pack

Affiliates Pro Integration Pack
With the update to 1.1.5 this update has:

  • Added update notifier
  • Using update method instead of direct DB query for referral status updates

Fedex Shipping Rates

Fedex Shipping Rates
With the update to 1.2.2 this update has:

  • Fixed tried to access private product properties directly

Check back next week for more updates!

Friday 2nd August Plugin Updates

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Three updates for you this week!

WorldPay Payment Gateway

WorldPay Payment Gateway
With the update to 1.2.2 this update has:

  • Tweaked: Explicitly empty the cart on successful payment.
  • Tweaked: Empty buffer before return IPN response.

DineroMail Payment Gateway

DineroMail Payment Gateway
With the update to 1.1 this update has:

  • Fixed Discount issue

Jigoshop QuickBooks Integration

Jigoshop QuickBooks Integration
With the update to 1.2.14 this update has:

  • Sales tax listids on sales orders

Another short one this week, but still some good updates there!

Friday 12th Plugin Updates

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We have another big one for you this week! including a nice surprise for you all out there.

Lets get the surprise out the way first. One of our third party developers Chris Christoff has decided to make five of his plugins free! Included in the change to make them free is an update to each plugin too. The following plugins can now be downloaded free from the WordPress website.

These five are now on version 4.0.

Jigoshop List View

Jigoshop List View

Jigoshop QR Code

Jigoshop QR Code

Jigoshop Magnify

Jigoshop Magnify

Jigoshop Grouped Products Pro

Jigoshop Grouped Products Pro

Jigoshop Add Custom Button

Jigoshop Add Custom Button

So if you haven’t got any of those plugins now is a great time to go out and try them out!

Now onto the rest of the updates.

Jigoshop Product Add-Ons Premium

Jigoshop Product Add Ons Premium
With the update to 1.7.5 this update has:

  • Fixed but with not hidden input field

Jigoshop Price On Request

Jigoshop Price On Request
After being updated to 1.1.1:

  • Lightbox is now fixed to Jigoshop version (uses PrettyPhoto when Jigo >= 1.7 or Fancybox in other case)

Jigoshop Multiple Currencies

Jigoshop Multiple Currencies

With a major update to 1.5 Multiple Currencies has:

  • Added ability to change currency by $_GET request. Add parameter ‘jmcurr’, f.e. ?jmcurr=USD to change currency to USD

Google Product Feed

Google Product Feed

With the google product feed being updated to 1.7 it has added:

  • Support for identifier_exists attribute



Subscriptions has been updated to 2.5.3 this week, so only a hot fix but it has fixed:

  • ‘invalid taxonomy’ issue when checking product type



This week the long awaited updated to WPML has been released. In the form of 1.1 it has some great updates within.

The new Jigoshop multilingual release introduces much better product synchronization. It now synchronizes product_type, product categories, product attributes (both global and custom), and product variations. You can see the detailed changelog in the download page in your account. It also fixes a number of bugs, such as translating payment gateways, fixing problems with urls and pages, translation controls in the product list page, and translation of attribute names. For better results (including translation of shipment methods in the checkout page and payment methods in the thank you page and better translation of custom attributes), we recommend using the most recent version of Jigoshop.

Check back next Friday for more updates!