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New Jigoshop extensions; Stripe, WorldPay, Doc It and Shipworks

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We’ve just published four new extensions on, covering Stripe and WorldPay payment processing, Doc It documentation and Shipworks shipping tools.


Stripe for Jigoshop:


Stripe is a payment service which doesn’t charge set-up or monthly fees, has no minimum charges, or costs for failed payments. So we’ve rebuilt our Stripe payment gateway for Jigoshop to provide a simple, easy and effective way to use Stripe for your transactions, including allowing customers to stay on your site rather than being sent to an external payment page. Check out the Stripe for Jigoshop extension.


Jigoshop Partial Orders:


Quick shipping and delivery gets you happier customers, but what happens when you have part of an order ready to be sent? Jigoshop Partial Orders makes it easier to send and track available products immediately whilst being able to then fulfill the completed order when the remaining items are available. Check out Jigoshop Partial Orders.


WorldPay XML Direct Gateway for Jigoshop:


WorldPay is included in the core Jigoshop download, but if you have SSL certificiation and PCI certification for your online shop and servers, then you can remove the need for customers to visit a WordPay hosted payment page for security reasons. Check out the WorldPay XML Direct Gateway for Jigoshop.


Doc It


Add more information on products or services, and display it in your sidebar, with the free Doc It extension, which includes colour choices, navigational breadcrumbs and the option to use custom CSS for styling. Check out Doc It. (Developers SlickRemix also created the Jigoshop Split PayPal Sales extension which builds on the PayPal functionality built into Jigoshop for better reporting)


Shipworks Bridge:


Shipworks provide a range of services to make shipping orders quicker and easier, including creating shipping labels and automatically updating order statuses. And the Shipworks Bridge for Jigoshop means you can integrate their order management tools into your online store quickly and easily.

Jigoshop Black Friday Sale 2013 Begins – Save Now!

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The Jigoshop Black Friday Sale 2013 is now live, allowing you to buy our themes, extensions, multi-site licenses and WordPress/Jigoshop installation services for half price!

Jigoshop Black Friday Sale

Jigoshop Black Friday Sale Details:

Our Black Friday Sale runs from now, 9am (GMT) on Friday November 29th, 2013, until 9am (GMT) on Saturday November 30th, 2013.

It includes all Jigoshop Official Themes and Extensions, including multi-site licences, meaning you could have hundreds of dollars if you run more than one online eCommerce business, or build them for clients.

It also includes our WordPress and Jigoshop installation service, if you need some assistance setting up a new site.

To save during our Black Friday sale, please use discount code: ‘blackfriday2013′

Please note the sale doesn’t include third party themes or extensions as pricing for these is agreed with the third parties.


Jigoshop Black Friday Discounts: The Full List:

Until 9am (GMT) on Saturday, November 30th, 2013, you can buy the following themes, extensions and services for half price, including multi-site licenses where applicable.

Jigoshop themes:

Jigoshop Official Extensions:

Jigoshop Services:


That’s a whopping total of 1 service, 6 themes and 71 extensions! Buy all of them during the sale period and you could be saving thousands.

But the offer ends at 9am GMT on Saturday, so don’t hesitate and risk missing out.

Don’t miss the Jigoshop Black Friday Sale!

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Black Friday is traditionally a time for consumers to make massive savings on the first day of Christmas Shopping in America. But we think store owners deserve a discount too!

That’s why we are holding a Jigoshop Black Friday Sale, with all Jigoshop themes and extensions for half price. That’s a massive saving on all Jigoshop themes, payment gateways, shipping extensions, and much more.

Jigoshop Black Friday Sale

The sale runs from 9am (GMT) on Friday November 29th 2013, until 9am (GMT) on Saturday, November 30th 2013.

If you’re in America, that’s 4am EST, or 1am PST. So make sure you set a reminder to take advantage of our great deals on Friday!

For developers and anyone running multiple Jigoshop eCommerce websites, this is a great time to upgrade to a multi-site license for any extensions or themes you’re already using. You could save hundreds of dollars on the extensions you know and trust, but you need to make sure you purchase during the sale!

Jigoshop Official Themes:

Themes included in this sale are:


Jigoshop Official Extensions:

With a list that big, there’s bound to be something in the Jigoshop Black Friday Sale which will make your online store easier to manage and more successful, so why not treat yourself now. And you’ll also have any improvements in place to benefit your customers during the Christmas shopping period.

In addition to the half price deal on extensions and themes, you can also save 50% if you’d like us to install WordPress and Jigoshop for you.


PayLeap and GoEmerchant payment gateways for Jigoshop

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PayLeap and GoEmerchant provide online payment processing that it might be worth checking out for your Jigoshop eCommerce business. Both provide credit card processing, PCI security and more, with methods to pay lower transaction fees and make more profit from every transaction on your online shop.


PayLeap Payment Gateway for Jigoshop


PayLeap targets small businesses and online stores with their payment services, which accept all types of card including gift cards and recurring payments. Plus they offer an exclusive PIN debit system which reduces fraud and transaction fees to as low as 0.75%. Check out the PayLeap Payment Gateway for Jigoshop.


GoEmerchant Payment Gateway for Jigoshop


GoEmerchant has been providing payment processing and other services since 1995, and offer a wide range of services including physical point-of-sale systems if you run a retail store alongside your eCommerce business, plus 24/7 customer support and rates starting at 0.89%. Check out the GoEmerchant Payment Gateway for Jigoshop.


Jigoshop PayPal Advanced:


PayPal Standard remains part of the core free Jigoshop download, but we’ve re-developed and re-launched our PayPal Advanced extension for Jigoshop to allow you to integrate credit card payments into your online store without customers going to another site, plus normal PayPal and Bill Me Later options, and the easy upgrade to PayPal Here for mobile phone payments. Jigoshop PayPal Advanced is back now!


How to sell online courses in minutes with LearnDash and Jigoshop

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There’s never been more demand for online learning, and everyone has one or more areas where they could be monetising their knowledge. That’s one reason why Jigoshop and LearnDash have proved to be such a popular combination for providing online courses and distance learning. The other reason is that it’s incredibly quick and easy to set up courses. We asked LearnDash founder Justin Ferriman to explain how to sell online courses in minutes with LearnDash and Jigoshop.




Profit from teaching with Jigoshop and LearnDash

It’s easier than you might think to sell online courses.

Jigoshop has teamed up with LearnDash, the premier learning management system plugin for WordPress used by major universities from all over the world. With both Jigoshop and LearnDash, you can easily create a course, assign a price, and sell it using Jigoshop.

LearnDash takes care of the course delivery and tracking, while Jigoshop provides a robust shopping cart, giving you and your customers a pleasant shopping experience.


Set-Up in Seconds

It really couldn’t be easier to sell courses using Jigoshop. As an example, let’s say you have your LearnDash course created, and your settings in JigoShop are configured. To sell this course with Jigoshop, all you have to do is:

1. Click Add New from the Jigoshop Product menu.

How to sell online courses in minutes with LearnDash and Jigoshop Screen 1

2. Next, enter the product Name and Description.

3. Select Virtual for product type.

How to sell online courses in minutes with LearnDash and Jigoshop Screen 2

4. Finally, select one or more courses from the LearnDash Access tab.

How to sell online courses in minutes with LearnDash and Jigoshop Screen 3

5. Click Publish.

That’s it!

Immediately after purchase, your customers will receive a username and password so that they can log into your site and view the course materials.


Why Sell Courses with Jigoshop & LearnDash?

LearnDash has been adopted by major universities, small businesses, and entrepreneurs from all over the world. Developed by elearning professional with Fortune 500 experience, they are on the forefront of distance learning with WordPress. Most importantly, course creation is as simple as creating a blog post!

With your courses created, Jigoshop gives you the added benefit of selling with the most popular payment gateways available today. Creating products in Jigoshop is simple, yet the features are powerful.

If you are interested in generating revenue from selling online courses, then pick up a copy of LearnDash today.