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Get the Jigoshop Product Add-Ons extension for free

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You can now download the extremely popular Jigoshop Product Add-Ons extension for free! It’s one of the best ways to customise your products by adding additional data fields, and you can download it right now, here.

Product Addons for Jigoshop

The Product Add-Ons extension lets you add extra data fields to any product. That can be additional accessories, or product upgrades, where you are able to set prices. Or you can also present users with selectable options or dates.

Add image or file uploads to allow customers to quickly and easily customise their products, or use the custom text areas for any possible product requirement or addition you can think of!

Jigoshop Product Add-Ons makes it quick and easy to tailor your products to deliver exactly what you need, so get it for free right now!

If you require more functionality, there is also a Premium version of this extension which included advanced features. These include making fields mandatory, better e-mail formatting, the ability to modify the Add-On for orders, a new range values add-on type and many other improvements. You can check it out here.


And if you’re intending to offer the same Add-On for multiple products, save time with the Jigoshop Duplicate Product extension. Get started with the free Product Add-Ons extension and you’ll soon be saving time and increasing your revenue to make Add-Ons Premium a logical upgrade!

Social logins, Digital Licensing and more new extensions

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There are a lot of new Jigoshop extensions now available, with solutions available for Digital Licensing, better Product Filtering, offering specific Product Accessories, and even allowing customers to register and login via their favourite social network.


Social Login:


Your customers are potentially more comfortable and familiar with their favourite social networks than they might be with your brand and store. So why not let them use whichever network they prefer to register, login, and checkout when they want to buy your products? Check out Social Login for Jigoshop.


Digital Licensing:

Digital Licensing for Jigoshop

Now every WordPress developer has an easy and secure way to sell software via Jigoshop! The Digital Licensing extension makes it simple to set up automatic licensing, activation numbers, and to send out updates. Any WordPress developer can easily grow their business with Digital Licensing, right now.


Filtering Premium:


We all shop more at sites where we can find what we want quickly and easily. So make it easier for your customers by allowing them to filter your product lists more effectively by Categories, Tags and Attributes. And they can merge all three options to really narrow your inventory to what they need – check out Filtering Premium.


Product Accessories Premium:


Build on Jigoshop’s Related Products by specifying exactly what a customer will need with their main purchase. Product Accessories Premium includes the option to list accessories by category, which means you can give your customers all the options for additional items which make total sense. Take a look at Product Accessories Premium.


Jigoshop Smart Coupons:


A powerful and comprehensive Jigoshop extension for discount coupons, gift certificates, store credits and vouchers. Check out Jigoshop Smart Coupons.


Jigoshop Putler Connector:


The unusually-named Putler is a business analytics tool which you can now plug into your Jigoshop store to provide additional reporting and monitoring across your company. It includes trending and forecasting to help you estimate future demand, as well as providing refunds or cancelling subscriptions without having to log into your payment gateway providers. Check out the Jigoshop Putler Connector.


Jigoshop CSV Product Importer:


Quick and simple CSV importer for an unlimited number of products, along with images, tags, variations, descriptions, prices adn more. If you need to upload a lot of products, take a look at Jigoshop CSV Product Importer.

Private messaging and Innovative payments for Jigoshop

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Two new extensions are now available for Jigoshop, allowing better communication between customers and product creators, and also enabling you to integrate payment services from Intuit, leading online financial specialists.

Jigoshop Ajax Private Message:


This extension allows customers, whether they are members or guests, to post private messages to the listed author of any product being sold on your store. That’s great for concerns or queries which you don’t want being discussed publicly, and also means that if you sell products from a variety of authors and creators, you won’t have to be constantly forwarding replies or sharing email addresses. Check out Jigoshop Ajax Private Message now.


Intuit Innovative Payment Gateway:


Intuit is a pretty well-known name for anyone running a small business, as they are responsible for a range of financial software including QuickBooks, Quicken and TurboTax. But they have also used their knowledge to create the Innovative Payment Solutions business, which provides merchant accounts and payment services.  So if you’d like to use their system on your site, check out the Intuit Innovative Payment Gateway for Jigoshop.

A better, fairer price structure for Jigoshop

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We launched Jigoshop just over two years ago, with the ambition to open up WordPress eCommerce to a much wider range of businesses, from individuals looking to try running an online store in their spare time to larger companies who weren’t able to invest thousands in existing solutions.

The aim was also to let a community grow and thrive around Jigoshop, with business owners, designers and developers all able to share information and hopefully earn a living through their work.

We’ve succeeded in some ways, with the Jigoshop community forum and a wide range of extensions and themes available, but as Jigoshop has grown we’ve realised we need to make some changes for this to continue in the future.


Introducing Jigoshop Licensing:

Going forwards, extensions will be sold for Jigoshop on a licensed basis, with the price based on the number of sites a product is used on. Themes will also follow suit at some point in the future.

We want to make sure we’re still enabling individuals to have access to a cost effective WordPress eCommerce solution, without raising all prices to cover those costs.

At the same time, we want anyone developing for Jigoshop to know they will get a fair reward for their time – third party developers are hugely important to ensuring we can offer the best selection of extensions and themes.

And we also want to make sure that our pricing and service still works well for anyone using Jigoshop for client work. Whether you’re developing for a handful of clients or many more.


What isn’t changing:

Licensing begins from October 2nd, 2013, but some things will remain the same:

  • Jigoshop remains free to download and operate with no extensions or themes required. And you can even choose from PayPal, FuturePay and WorldPay (within 1.8 Jigoshop soon) included in the core Jigoshop download.
  • Free Extensions for Jigoshop remain free to use as much as you like, on as many sites as you like
  • Existing purchases will continue to work, and licensing will only come into effect when each extension or theme is updated. That means you can stagger upgrades in line with your need and budget.
  • You still get 14 days free Premium Support with any extension purchase
  • Jigoshop is still one of the most cost-effective online shop platforms available


How Licensing Will Work:

Starting with Jigoshop-developed extensions, when you make a purchase, you’ll be emailed a License Key which will be required to activate that extension on your site(s).

To make this simple and clear, we’ve collected every extension for Jigoshop into pricing tiers, so you know exactly what you’re paying:

  Single Site 2-5 Sites 6-25 sites
Tier 1 $35 $70 $175
Tier 2 $65 $130 $325
Tier 3 $95 $190 $475


That not only means that you can still create a great online shop for a very small outlay. It also means that we (and third party developers), can invest more time and resource for those with multiple shops.  And our prices at each level are still incredibly cost-effective in comparison to our rivals.


Important: For existing extensions to continue working:

Importantly, if you’re currently running any of the initial group of extensions to come under our new Licensing system, and you receive a notification to install an upgrade via the WordPress/Jigoshop Admin dashboard, you’ll need to email us at to receive a license key for the extension to continue working.

To enable us to find your original order and quickly generate a license key, please send your Order ID in your email, which can be found either in your Jigoshop Admin, or in the email you were sent following your purchase.

Please do not upgrade until you’ve received your license key, as the extension will cease operating until it is added.

The initial extensions included in Licensing are:

  • PRO
  • Premium Shipping
  • Table Rates Shipping
  • Mini-Cart Deluxe
  • Up sells and Cross sells
  • Sales Flash Options
  • Gravity Forms Integration
  • Jigoshop HTML Emails
  • Canada Post Shipping

More will be announced in the days and weeks to come.

New USPS Advanced Shipping and EgoPay extensions

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Two new extensions are now available via, including an all-new USPS Advanced Shipping extension which makes it much easier and more effective for your store to send products via the largest delivery network in the United States.


USPS Advanced Shipping:

USPS Advanced Shipping

USPS Advanced Shipping is a new extension designed from the ground up to give you the best integration with the United States Postal Service, which is the largest delivery network in the U.S. In addition to a huge range of shipping options for International and Domestic shipping, it also displays real-time prices using the USPS API. Check out USPS Advanced Shipping, now.

EgoPay Payment Gateway for Jigoshop

EgoPay Payment Gateway

EgoPay is an electronic currency system which allows you to avoid charges for services like bank wires. In addition to offering business accounts and an affiliate program, they also allow you to set up multiple wallets and accounts as each is simply linked to an email address. Check out the EgoPay payment Gateway for Jigoshop.