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Jigoshop Black Friday Sale 2013 Begins – Save Now!

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The Jigoshop Black Friday Sale 2013 is now live, allowing you to buy our themes, extensions, multi-site licenses and WordPress/Jigoshop installation services for half price!

Jigoshop Black Friday Sale

Jigoshop Black Friday Sale Details:

Our Black Friday Sale runs from now, 9am (GMT) on Friday November 29th, 2013, until 9am (GMT) on Saturday November 30th, 2013.

It includes all Jigoshop Official Themes and Extensions, including multi-site licences, meaning you could have hundreds of dollars if you run more than one online eCommerce business, or build them for clients.

It also includes our WordPress and Jigoshop installation service, if you need some assistance setting up a new site.

To save during our Black Friday sale, please use discount code: ‘blackfriday2013′

Please note the sale doesn’t include third party themes or extensions as pricing for these is agreed with the third parties.


Jigoshop Black Friday Discounts: The Full List:

Until 9am (GMT) on Saturday, November 30th, 2013, you can buy the following themes, extensions and services for half price, including multi-site licenses where applicable.

Jigoshop themes:

Jigoshop Official Extensions:

Jigoshop Services:


That’s a whopping total of 1 service, 6 themes and 71 extensions! Buy all of them during the sale period and you could be saving thousands.

But the offer ends at 9am GMT on Saturday, so don’t hesitate and risk missing out.

Don’t miss the Jigoshop Black Friday Sale!

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Black Friday is traditionally a time for consumers to make massive savings on the first day of Christmas Shopping in America. But we think store owners deserve a discount too!

That’s why we are holding a Jigoshop Black Friday Sale, with all Jigoshop themes and extensions for half price. That’s a massive saving on all Jigoshop themes, payment gateways, shipping extensions, and much more.

Jigoshop Black Friday Sale

The sale runs from 9am (GMT) on Friday November 29th 2013, until 9am (GMT) on Saturday, November 30th 2013.

If you’re in America, that’s 4am EST, or 1am PST. So make sure you set a reminder to take advantage of our great deals on Friday!

For developers and anyone running multiple Jigoshop eCommerce websites, this is a great time to upgrade to a multi-site license for any extensions or themes you’re already using. You could save hundreds of dollars on the extensions you know and trust, but you need to make sure you purchase during the sale!

Jigoshop Official Themes:

Themes included in this sale are:


Jigoshop Official Extensions:

With a list that big, there’s bound to be something in the Jigoshop Black Friday Sale which will make your online store easier to manage and more successful, so why not treat yourself now. And you’ll also have any improvements in place to benefit your customers during the Christmas shopping period.

In addition to the half price deal on extensions and themes, you can also save 50% if you’d like us to install WordPress and Jigoshop for you.


TemplateMonster Themes

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We have temporarily taken all Template Monster Themes down from, this is for maintenance and updates that are required by Template Monster. We need all themes promoted on our site to work as intended with the Jigoshop plugin.

Customers currently using Template Monster themes will be supported by Template Monster should you have any issues with them, Jigoshop Premium Support remains available to those with Jigoshop issues as usual.

There are still over 40 themes for Jigoshop featured and once Template Monster have conducted the updates, we’ll let you know.

New extensions and themes for Jigoshop

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There are three new extensions now available for Jigoshop, plus a great new theme featuring a clean and modern design for any business. Two new payment gateways include the popular Braintree payment service and the marketing-leading PayU Romania, plus you can save time and money by bulk editing your product variations.

Braintree Payment Supports:


Braintree is a popular payment service provider supporting merchants in 130+ countries, and with design and technology clients including Angry Birds, Airbnb, Fab, 37 Signals, GitHub and more. Besides low transaction costs, they also provide a Javascript library which means credit card information is encrypted in your customer’s web browser. Check out Braintree Payment Supports.


PayU Romania:


Adding to the suite of payment gateways for PayU territories is this extension, which integrates the Romanian market-leading payment provider. It joins PayU Ukraine, Russi, Czech Republic and Poland, and means that you can quickly and easily sell to Romanian customers. Check out PayU Romania.


Bulk Update Variations:


Save time and resource by mass editing your product variation prices. You have the choice to set specific prices for each variation, or to bulk update all variations via a percentage. Cut the time it takes to keep your prices current with Bulk Update Variations.


Argo theme for Jigoshop:



Argo is a great new theme for Jigoshop which is clean, modern and fully responsive, so it looks great on any device. Using HTML5 and CSS3 it’s perfect for a range of shops and businesses, and comes complete with 40 template pages and a host of features. Make use of various full screen options for maps and videos, sliders and slideshows, and customise the colours, background image and fonts. Check out the new Argo theme, now!


31st May Plugin Updates

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This week we have a nice selection of plugin updates for you, but we also have two themes being updated this week!


  • CIM

Gateway now also works for newly created customer accounts during the checkout.

  • Jigoshop Filtering

All select lists displayed from the beginning, removed unused jigoshop_filitering_current_url() function and fixed incorrect redirecting.

  • Jigoshop Sorting

Fixed bug with table names.

  • Customer Discounts

Fixed: Product qantity discount when applied to all products.

  • Headway Connect

Now uses the Jigoshop frontend.css & category and tag taxonomy lists now show the correct heading.

  • Stripe


  • Jigotheme

  • Origin

A new theme, an updated theme, and easier Youtube integration

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One of the benefits of using Jigoshop as an eCommerce platform is the freedom to use a wide range of themes, customise or build your own, and add in widgets and features from external social networks. That continues this week with a new third party Jigoshop theme, the release of our updated official Jigotheme with more customisation options, and a better way to add Youtube videos to all your products.


Bolsa Jigoshop theme:


Bolsa will capture the attention of your customers with a design which highlights great product images and designs. It’s full responsive, and should give a great experience on any device. It also comes with custom typography and social media icons, a range of widgets and customisation options and more. Check out the Bolsa theme for Jigoshop.


Youtube Video Tab:


Video has been proven to increase traffic and sales for a large number of eCommerce businesses. Some examples have seen sales rise by 100%, and it also has a great effect on traffic by making your products more visible via search engines. Using Youtube to host your videos will save on bandwith costs, but has meant fiddling around with embed codes – you can save lots of time by using the Youtube Video Tab extension to add videos simply by entering their url. And the videos will even re-size for different devices.


Updated Jigotheme:


We’ve updated our classic Jigotheme to make it easier to customise your store. It now integrates with the WordPress preview and customisation options, meaning that you can pick Header, Main and Background colours by using a simple colour chooser, or upload your own custom background image (or even animation). And you can preview what the changes will look like before you put them live.

The Jigoshop Cyber Monday Sale

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We’re celebrating Cyber Monday and the fact Jigoshop has reached 150,000 downloads with a big sale on all official Jigoshop themes and extensions.

For 24 hours, you can save 25% on all products created by the Jigoshop team. And to credit the American roots of Cyber Monday, the sale starts at 9am EST, 2pm GMT on Monday November 26, 2012, and ends at 9am EST, 2pm GMT on Tuesday November 27th, 2012.

To make a great saving, all you need to do is enter the discount code CYBERMON25 in the order process.

Click here to see all the Jigoshop themes included in our Cyber Monday sale.

Click here to see all the Jigoshop extensions included in our Cyber Monday sale


Please note:

Third party themes and extensions are not included in the sale offer, as those prices are set and controlled by external authors/developers/designers.  The sale beings at 9am EST/2pm GMT on November 26, 2012, ending 9am EST/2pm GMT on Tuesday November 27th, 2012. This discount will no longer be applied to purchases after that time.
This discount does not apply to Jigoshop Support packages.


4 new plugins and 1 new theme for Jigoshop

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We’ve got four new extensions plus a great new theme this week, and a couple of the additions really stand out in terms of Jigoshop functionality. You can now utilise a Search Engine Optimisation plugin designed specifically for Jigoshop and making use of the suggestions and specific requirements for a WordPress eCommerce store, and at the same time, automate professional invoices and packing slips quickly and easily.

Plus if you’ve ever thought about running a hotel, holiday home, or destination-based business, then we’ve got a new theme for you with Travel Island designed specifically for those industries.


SEO Deluxe for Jigoshop:

SEO Deluxe

Search Engine Optimisation is a massively important source of traffic to retailers, and even with the rise of social networks, it’s still used heavily for researching and buying products and services. So it’s important to make sure your site is well-optimised and the new SEO Deluxe extension makes it a lot easier for you. Unlike other solutions it’s been specifically designed for Jigoshop, so it has a couple of features which the others don’t.

Adding SEO Deluxe gives you an included layered navigation widget, and much more control over URL structures, Category and Product meta data, and whether you want search engines to ignore specific areas and pages. If you want to save time, you can create templates at a Category level, or dive into each individual product to ensure every part of your site is as optimised for search as possible.


PDF Invoices and Packing Slips:


Increase your repeat customers by impressing them with professional packing slips and invoices, and make your shipping process more efficient with the PDF Invoices and Pack Slips extension for Jigoshop.

The extension lets you quickly and easily print a single invoice or packing slip, or bulk printing for any order status, with options to set page layout, paper size, return information and all your company details (logo, name, address and email address). It can also be localized if you create a translation and use the following text domain: sod_jigoshop_pdf_settings. Check out the PDF Invoices and Packing Slips extension now to add some flair to your packing.


Checkout Fields Manager:


Customise your Jigoshop checkout to include custom fields with a range of input options. You will be able to add, enable and disable, re-order and re-size custom fields. And for each field you can add check boxes, text, text area and date picker fields to make sure the information you get is exactly what you want and need. Check out the new Checkout Field Manager for yourself.


Offline Credit Card Processing:

You can now process credit cards offline with a new extension from VisserLabs which splits customer credit card details into two parts, with one section emailed to the store owner and one part stored in the database. Please note there are security and legal implications to doing this, which are explained in more detail on the Offline Credit Card Processing Extension page.


Travel Island theme for hotels and holidays:

The Travel Island theme is ideal if you’re looking to sell holiday accommodation or services, whether it’s for hotel rooms, renting a house, or taking people out for watersports or day trips. It comes from dtbaker, who also created the Sport Grunge and Mommy Blog themes.

Features of the theme include a responsive design so your site displays correctly on PC, tablet, or mobile phone. And you get a good level of flexibility with an easy-to-use Sidebar and Widget manager which allows you to set your sidebar to display on the left, right, or remain hidden – that control can be applied to individual pages to tailor your site to you demands.

More customisation comes with an image slider, Google Font Selector, a custom photo gallery and importantly a Google Map shortcode is available to let you insert maps quickly and easily into any page to really help people find your business. Find out more about the Travel Island theme for Jigoshop.

Headway Connect integrates Jigoshop with Headway Themes

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Jigoshop can now be used with all Headway Themes to provide eCommerce with their great drag-and-drop WordPress framework which allows you to create your own layout via their visual editor. And it’s possible via the new Headway Connect extension, which is now available for free.

Headway Connect Extension for Jigoshop

The Headway Connect Extension for Jigoshop


It’s been developed in collaboration with Grant and Clay Griffiths, the father-and son team behind Headway. The first version of Headway launched in 2009, developed by Clay at just 15-years-old, and has proven incredibly popular as it allows anyone to drag and drop  Blocks onto the editor to design and edit any page of your website. They’re now onto Headway 3, and in addition to the visual design options, you can also access a live CSS Editor, and they’ve partnered with a number of major theme developers to produce child themes which you can then ‘edit like crazy’.


The Headway Themes Visual Editor


Once you’ve settled on a layout, you can then change the design settings in the same Visual Editor., which lets you select fonts, colours, rounded corners, background images and more to let you style your site or page exactly how you want. As with all official Jigoshop themes, Headway has introduced a Responsive Grid to let your site automatically re-size whether your customers are visiting on their computer, smartphone or tablet. And again, like Jigoshop, it’s available to use for your own sites, or for client sites.

Installation is simple – you’ll need Jigoshop 1.1.1 or greater plus Headway 3.1.1 or greater, and then to install and activate the Headway Connect extension. And this then gives you a Jigoshop Block to use in any Headway theme.


Jigoshop and popular theme frameworks:

We want to continue to offer Jigoshop compatibility with the best WordPress theme frameworks, having previously announced official integration with PageLines, and producing our own integration with Genesis. Wherever possible we prefer to work directly with theme providers to ensure seamless integration, so if your favourite theme designer hasn’t been covered yet, why not ask them to get in touch with us?



Official plugin integrates Jigoshop and PageLines

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We’re really pleased to share the news that Jigoshop can now be integrated into the PageLines drag and drop WordPress framework with the official Jigoshop for PageLines plugin.

One of the core values of Jigoshop is to make WordPress eCommerce easy and accessible for everyone, from store owners and their customers to designers and developers. So it’s great that we’re able to work with some of the best and most popular WordPress frameworks available to allow you to integrate eCommerce with the widest range of themes, designs and functionality, and the PageLines team has been the first to release the results of their hard work.

Jigoshop for PageLines


Working with Jigoshop and PageLines

Having had the pleasure of chatting with the team via countless emails and Skype calls, it’s resulted in an incredibly easy solution to install and use. If you’re using PageLines, simply download and install Jigoshop, and then install and activate the Jigoshop for PageLines plugin to join the thousands of people setting up their own online store every week.

We’ll be working with Andrew, Simon, Kyle and the rest of the PageLines team to share some more tips and advice on getting the best from both Jigoshop and PageLines, so make sure you keep an eye on both our blogs. And if you’re a PageLines user who is new to Jigoshop, welcome, and take a look at our documentation and free forums to help you get started!