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Update your store with lots of new Jigoshop themes

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Check out the range of new Jigoshop themes now available for your WordPress eCommerce needs.We’ve worked closely with theme developers Template Monster, who have developed a new framework to produce a range of Jigoshop themes. That means they’re being built to a high standard, and they’re available below for you to take a look at.

The themes all feature a responsive layout, so you can do business with customers using their computer, tablet or mobile phone to shop, and they make use of all the core Jigoshop features including a one-step checkout, filterable products, widgets and shortcodes, detailed order and stock reporting, and the huge range of Jigoshop extensions for payments, shipping, marketing and more.


Click each image to check out the new Jigoshop themes:

Each theme is clearly targeted at a specific audience, which saves you time in creating a targeted eCommerce store if you’re not a designer or developer.

Template Monster also provide a free Sample theme to take a look at their work before you make a purchase, which is available here. And if you like, they’ll even install the theme for you.

We’ve tested their framework, themes and even their support process to ensure it’s suitable for Jigoshop customers, so you can buy a new theme with confidence.

Whether you’re selling clothes, computers or car parts, there’s a Jigoshop theme suitable for you right off the shelf!

Jigoshop theme features checklist:

  • New Jigoshop theme framework for higher quality themes.
  • Responsive design across all internet devices
  • Integrates directly with core Jigoshop features including
  • One Step Checkout
  • Filterable Products
  • Widgets and Shortcodes
  • Detailed Stock and Order Reporting
  • Huge range of Jigoshop extensions available for payments, shipping, marketing and much more

TemplateMonster Themes

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We have temporarily taken all Template Monster Themes down from, this is for maintenance and updates that are required by Template Monster. We need all themes promoted on our site to work as intended with the Jigoshop plugin.

Customers currently using Template Monster themes will be supported by Template Monster should you have any issues with them, Jigoshop Premium Support remains available to those with Jigoshop issues as usual.

There are still over 40 themes for Jigoshop featured¬†and once Template Monster have conducted the updates, we’ll let you know.

29 new Jigoshop themes now added!

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You might be forgiven for thinking it’s a typo, but we really are announcing the release of a massive 29 new themes for Jigoshop today. The themes cover a wide range of online stores, whether you sell fashion, computers, sporting goods, pet accessories or car parts. In addition to 28 themes specifically focused to deliver in a particular eCommerce niche, the flexible FancyTheme from Alex Gurghis is extremely adaptable to many different types of retail, and also includes a useful ‘Under Construction’ layout with a countdown until your store is ready to go live.

Normally we’d showcase each theme with an image and description, but rather than creating the longest blog post in the history of WordPress, we’ll list them so you can take a look at all the themes most suited to your business.

New Jigoshop themes:


A new theme, an updated theme, and easier Youtube integration

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One of the benefits of using Jigoshop as an eCommerce platform is the freedom to use a wide range of themes, customise or build your own, and add in widgets and features from external social networks. That continues this week with a new third party Jigoshop theme, the release of our updated official Jigotheme with more customisation options, and a better way to add Youtube videos to all your products.


Bolsa Jigoshop theme:


Bolsa will capture the attention of your customers with a design which highlights great product images and designs. It’s full responsive, and should give a great experience on any device. It also comes with custom typography and social media icons, a range of widgets and customisation options and more. Check out the Bolsa theme for Jigoshop.


Youtube Video Tab:


Video has been proven to increase traffic and sales for a large number of eCommerce businesses. Some examples have seen sales rise by 100%, and it also has a great effect on traffic by making your products more visible via search engines. Using Youtube to host your videos will save on bandwith costs, but has meant fiddling around with embed codes – you can save lots of time by using the Youtube Video Tab extension to add videos simply by entering their url. And the videos will even re-size for different devices.


Updated Jigotheme:


We’ve updated our classic Jigotheme to make it easier to customise your store. It now integrates with the WordPress preview and customisation options, meaning that you can pick Header, Main and Background colours by using a simple colour chooser, or upload your own custom background image (or even animation). And you can preview what the changes will look like before you put them live.

Great new extensions and themes for Jigoshop, including Sage Pay Go

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We’ve got a number of new extensions and themes available this week, including a way to accept payments on your site and url without investing to handle credit card details, a new dynamic drag & drop cart, and a cool responsive grid theme amongst others.

Sage Pay Go:


Let customers complete their purchases on your website, without redirecting them to an external payment page – or having to invest in becoming PCI DSS compliant. Our Sage Pay Go gateway solves the problem with Server and inFrame integration. That means credit card data is passed in a highly secure way to Sage Pay, but everything else can be tailored by you, allowing the collection of extra customer details, and a more integrated experience. Invest in Sage Pay Go now.


Jigoshop Products of the Month:


Make the most of seasonal sales by automatically displaying highlighted products each month. This extension allows you to select products to appear for each month of the year, then rotates them each day to drive sales at the best time of year. If you have items that are more appropriate in Summer rather than Winter – here’s a way to increase sales even more. Alternatively, use it to highlight special offers, or event-led promotions. Check out Jigoshop Products of the Month.


Jigoshop Drag & Drop Cart:


Make the shopping experience on your site fun and dynamic with a simple to configure, and easy to use, drap & drop cart. Rather than clicking to add a product, let customers drag their purchases into the dynamic cart widget, which will display their total order amount and allow them to change and amend their selection. Check out the Jigoshop Drag & Drop Cart now.


Jigoshop Product Attributes on Lists:


This extension helps customers find the right products in your store, by displaying product attributes on your homepage and category pages. That means you can display information such as the colours available for each product, showing your range might be wider than the number of items available. It also combines with the Jigoshop Product Attributes Images extension to allow for a more graphical display. Take a look at Jigoshop Product Attributes on Lists.


Jigoshop Saferpay Credit Card Module:


Easily integrate Saferpay payment processing into your Jigoshop store with this extension, which allows you to accept a range of credit card payments. Saferpay is currently used in more than 30 countries by around 8,500 merchants. Check out the Jigoshop Saferpay Credit Card Module.


WallClassic Theme:


This interesting new responsive theme comes with Jigoshop support built into it, and offers some interesting ways for your business to stand out. Beyond the fashionable grid layout, you can accept a range of feeds from social media sites and networks, making it possible to quickly and easily share your inspirations and passions alongside your products. Take a look at the WallClassic theme for Jigoshop.