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Catalog Deluxe (Or Catalogue depending on your spelling preference) allows you to customise your Jigoshop eCommerce shop to disable the shopping options. This is how you can display products which are coming soon, categories or even display your entire product line as a catalogue if you don’t want to offer online payments at the current time.

Catalog Deluxe benefits:

How do you list products which may not be for sale yet, or get an idea of what you should stock in the future by actually seeing customer interest? Perhaps you want to use the great ways Jigoshop showcases your stock without actually offering online purchases and shipping (Handy if you offer large items such as furniture, or bespoke clothing which requires a visit to your business for sizing).

Catalog Deluxe allows you to disable the ‘Add to Cart’ button or hide prices for all products. You can also choose whether you want to only hide the prices and cart options for guests, override the text in those locations (For instance ‘Coming Soon’), and show a short description instead of the product summary – to allow you to ask for emails from interest customers, for example, or to explain why a particular product isn’t available to purchase online quite yet.

In addition, Catalog Deluxe also offers you an Advanced setting which allows you to customize individual pages, whether that’s Product Categories, Product Tags, or even a single product page. These will globally effect all categories, tags, or single product pages, however.

  • Disable ‘Add to Cart’ button on products, pages, or across your site
  • Disable Prices on products, pages, or across your site
  • Only hide prices and ‘Add to Cart’ for guests to your site.
  • Override ‘Add to Cart’ and Prices text.
  • Display a short description instead of the product summary

Catalog Delux really is a quick and simple way to set up a catalogue site using WordPress and Jigoshop. And should you wish to sell those products at a later date, they’ll be all ready to go!

Note: PHP v5.3 or greater is required to use this extension.

Single Website License

This license entitles you to use on a single domain.

Version 1.2
Author Matt Gates
Released June 26, 2012
Price $49.00

In Stock

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Required-jigoshop-version 1.2.3
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