Mediaburst SMS Notification Extension


Get an SMS alert when a customer places an order with your store, or let customers know when their product is shipping with the new Mediaburst SMS Notifications Extension for Jigoshop.


Once the plugin is running, the SMS messages will be sent out automatically to keep you and your customers updated. And using SMS means you’ll reach everyone, regardless of which type of phone they use. Plus it’s a global solution, covering 150 countries and 400 mobile networks.


To use the plugin, you’ll need to register with Mediaburst for an SMS API account and buy credits, with prices starting at 100 for £5. For 5p, it’s a great way to keep close to your customers. And as Mediaburst have been providing SMS services since 2000, with clients as large as Tesco, Morrisons, Sky and O2, you know you can rely on them.


Grab the Mediaburst SMS Notification Extension for Jigoshop, here.


One thought on “Mediaburst SMS Notification Extension”

  1. Gary says:

    Thanks for the listing Dan.
    If any Jigoshop users want to give this plugin a go then; if they send me/ mediaburst an email we’ll get them set up with some free SMS so they can test drive properly.



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