Jigoshop V1.0 is now available to download


The long-awaited Jigoshop V1.0 has been built, tested and released with a number of improvements to speed up running your WordPress eCommerce shop and make your life easier.

So if you haven’t already tried Jigoshop, now is the time to join 45,000+ others, and  download V1.0 for free to see how cool running your own online store can be

And if you’re an existing Jigoshop user, you’ve probably already had an alert to upgrade in your WordPress dashboard, and you’ll have already noticed some significant changes. But just in case you missed some, we’ve compiled the list of the major differences.


New Products, Tax and Shipping Sections:

We’ve taken time to tear down and rebuild the Products, Tax and Shipping sections from the ground up. This means we’ve been not only able to make them more stable and efficient, but also more flexible for future developments.

Hopefully you’ll have seen the massive change to the user interface for Products, allowing much more product information to be displayed on one screen – essential for stores with larger inventories.  In addition to contextual help, you can also search all your products by ID and SKU, order by date, and use product IDs to search through orders.


And there’s more…

Products can also now have multiple tax classes, and taxes can apply to shipping or compound tax (retail plus shipping). We’ve also made the shipping class even more accurate and it also supports some distribution APIs.

Product Variations can now include virtual and downloadable options, your downloads now support external storage resources, and you can upload them via the standard Windows Media Uploader. Plus you can now mass-edit and remove variations to save time updating masses of items.

A number of other smaller issues have now been solved, and we’ve ramped up the Security levels of Jigoshop with our own improvements and by working with WordPress Lead Developer Mark Jaquith.

We’ve also halved the query time in the admin section which should help to make things faster depending on your server, so combined with the changes to the user interface and bulk editing, using Jigoshop to manage your inventory should be quicker and easier than ever.


Jigoshop V1.0 Changelog:

  • Redesigned Products UI
  • added new feature for downloadable products: external URL or internal downloads
  • added new widget Jigoshop Login
  • added new widget Recently Viewed products
  • added new widget Recently Reviewed products
  • added new widget Best Selling products
  • added new widget Top Rated products
  • added new shortcode Add to Cart Button
  • added new shortcode Add to Cart URL
  • added new dimension options to products (Length / Width / Height)
  • added Admin Product List display products by Category
  • added currency symbols for all countries
  • added a couple new currencies
  • added Romanian and Croatian translations
  • added multi-lingual functionality with the WordPress WPML plugin
  • fixed cyrillic characters & accents in attribute / variation names
  • fixed fancybox overlay
  • fixed users creating a new account now only if WP registration is allowed
  • fixed several 404 Jigoshop links
  • fixed My Account page not showing Address 2
  • added calculable shipping so that services such as FedEx, UPS, etc. can be plugged in
  • added brand new tax features including
  • multi-tax classes can be specified on product (good for Canadian, US tax laws)
  • ability to define tax label for view
  • shows tax percentage in view
  • minor bug fixes

24 thoughts on “Jigoshop V1.0 is now available to download”

  1. JUICEDaniel says:

    Wow, sounds great!! Thanks for the good work. One question though: Is it now possible to set individual shipping costs per article? That’s the most important feature missing in previous versions.

    1. Ann Terasa says:

      will i get the jigo shop theme along with this plugin??? plz rply me..

  2. bfly03 says:

    Thank you for the shipping updates! 🙂

    1. Dan Thornton says:

      No problem. We’re making sure we work on those areas which are going to make the biggest difference to running an online store, rather than stuff which sounds good but doesn’t improve your business, and we’ve got much more to come now we’ve rebuilt several sections of the code to be more effective.

      1. bfly03 says:

        I am looking under the General Settings > Shipping now and do not see where the FedEx, UPS, etc are.

      2. JUICEDaniel says:

        Sounds good! (And individual shipping costs per item definitely makes sense and would be a small yet powerful option for many of us, I guess. In Germany it’s normal to have individual shipping costs, always depending on the size and/or the weight of the article(s).)

  3. Martin says:

    Thanks for the 1.0 update! Really appreciated. Affiliate links, outside URLs for downloads, much improved tax functionality, and new widgets are all fantastic new improvements.

  4. YAY! I love seeing that “update available” message! Thanks for the update!

  5. eugen.paun says:

    Would be great if the solution for Out of Stock issues when not using the Inventory will be other than clear you cache as stated on your forum. I now have 108 products all made to order that show out of stock notifications all around.

    Most likely I would have to see soon how the Jigoshop to WooCommerce importer works.

  6. Amazing! This plugin is getting better and better with each release!

    I would suggest that country-specific features, such as payment gateways like DIBS and Skrill be only available through plugins, as I’m working in the pt_BR translation, and these translated strings could mislead some users/developers, not to talk about the screen real estate that it consumes.

    Thank you very much!

  7. I’d love to know whether an option to display products in a list view is on the roadmap – though I like the gallery view it would be nice to be able to list products with addition info alongside especially when products in some shops need more than just an image to promote it and encourage the purchase. If i’ve missed the functionality then my bad as I just can’t see the option!


  8. ivica says:

    This is only the beginning of the wonderful and long lasting e-commerce friendship! Congratulations!

  9. Ricky says:

    I just updated my site to 1.0, and I found a couple of problems already.
    1. All my products become ‘out of stock’ , and therefore we cannot add it to the cart
    2. With the previous release, I only have to put my customized payment gateways into the /gateways folder and they will be shown on the settings page, but it is not anymore.

    Can you please look at this?


  10. Matthew says:

    I don’t think the Featured Product widget is working. At least it’s not working with my site and the Genesis theme. The other widgets seem to work, however the cart is not playing as nice with the theme as it use too… Otherwise, looks like a fantastic update!

  11. ckhicks says:

    You guys are doing great work here – I’m happy to support the development efforts!

  12. Chris Craven says:


    I am shopping for a theme and cart. Can Jigoshop allow me to set a log in for wholesale-only pricing for qualified customers?

    I don’t have a retail side, just wholesale but I want folks to see my brand, some products and have access to a contact form where they can submit to become a customer. I want the whole store and the cart to be behind the log in.



  13. ricgroup says:

    I updated my jigoshop to 1.0 and all my products become “out of stock” even I turned the “manage stock to No”. Can you please help? thanks

  14. Enrico says:

    Hi guys,

    Just wanted to say that your plugin is great….best ecommerce wp plugin out there 🙂
    Good job, keep it going!


  15. Wow!! These updates are AMAZING!!! However, I too was waiting specifically for the carrier shipping (UPS/FedEx) options. How can I take advantage of the new shipping feature?

  16. Roy says:

    Hi, great update, but I’m having issues with the currency symbol of the Mexican Peso, it shows like ¢ not $ meanwhile I changed the currency to MXN.
    Any hint to change the symbol?
    Thank you!

  17. Is there much difference using Jigoshop over Woocommerce? I know their based on the same code but just wondered whether I’d get more functionality with one over the other.

    1. Dan Thornton says:

      Hi Clare,
      Thanks for the question. You’re right that the code was originally the same when WooCommerce forked Jigoshop, and there are still a lot of similarities. The main differences are that we’ve worked on making sure our code is as light as possible for speed and reliability, some of the extensions we offer, and our approach to Support. Obviously I can’t comment on the approach of a competitor, but the good thing about free core products is that it’s possible to download and try before you make a commitment!

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