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Jigoshop Showcase

There are a number of self-proclaimed food and drink lovers in the Jigoshop team, from Director Andy’s home-brewed beer down to regular supplies of home-made cakes and biscuits in the office. So when the New Mexico Pie Company was submitted for the showcase, we were torn between admiring the design, admiring the food, and wondering how we could get a delivery to the UK from the Albuquerque-based business.

Jigoshop Showcase #24: NMPieCompany.com

The New Mexico Pie Company was founded by Andrea Schulte, who has an impressive range of experience, and she’s helped by her parents in the kitchen and an farmers markets. By the same token, the website is a team effort, with design by Lori Patton and development by Kevin Donnigan. It looks to have been a pretty successful collaboration!

New Mexico Pie Company Homepage


The light blue and yellow design gives a nice clean and airy feeling to the site, and also associates it well with the kind of farmers markets where the New Mexico Pie Company operates retail outlets.

The image slideshow is larger than many we’ve seen on Jigoshop sites – and for good reason. Just looking at the huge images of fantastic food makes us hungry every time we’ve checked out the site, and if you can make a prospective customer hungry, they’re not only going to order some food, but probably order more than they need!

It really shows the benefit of devoting some time and effort into the images your customers will see as soon as they arrive at your site.




The Order page is nicely laid out, and the important information on ordering, collection and where you can purchase is clearly laid out so customers are aware before they’re seduced by the range of food on display.

The sidebar is also relatively clean – in addition to the login and cart information, you get a quick update on What’s New with a highlighted product, and the social networking icons for Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Keeping the additional options focused means less chance a customer will end up distracted before they’ve placed an order.


The individual product pages contain a short description and reviews. As a new site there aren’t any reviews yet, but we’d happily volunteer as taste testers.

Additional Information is currently empty – this would be a great place to repeat the information on the About page regarding the company using cage-free eggs, local produce, and never using artificial colours and flavours etc.

But that’s a minor tweak now the site is live, and we’re sure plenty of pie orders are being placed. After all, as it says on the homepage ‘Life is short. Eat pie.’




Submit your sites for our showcase:

We love to see the great online shops which are being created using Jigoshop, and this is a series highlighting the amazing stores that have come to our attention. If you’ve gone live with an implementation of Jigoshop, and would like to be featured and promoted, email support@jigoshop.com



4 thoughts on “Jigoshop Showcase #24 New Mexico Pie Company”

  1. Kalvin says:

    Which theme are you using for New Mexico Pie?


  2. Pat Pierson says:

    Am working on my first two Jigoshop websites. Have installed the FEDEX plugin for shipping and now looking at the merchant account piece. Do you have any recommendations. Seems logical to stay with the PayPal but thought I would ask around.

    Love your site.

    Pat Pierson

    1. Dan Thornton says:

      Hi Pat,
      Obviously we have a wide range of payment gateways to add merchant accounts. Recommendations really depend on where the business is based, and which area your main customers are likely to be visiting from, as generally most payment gateways and services focus on one particular country in terms of currencies and credit cards accepted.
      If you’re looking for feedback on particular payment gateways, it’s worth asking either on our community forum, to get feedback from other store owners, or checking out feedback on the web to see how other people have got on.

  3. Kevin Donnigan (Anything Graphic) says:

    @Kalvin, NM Pie Company is using a custom theme I developed based off of the Twenty Ten Theme. However, since then I’ve changed a lot of my development structure, and now use the Genesis Framework along with the Genesis Connect for Jigoshop plugin. The two were a match made in WordPress heaven 🙂

    @Pat Pierson, thank you for the Kudos. @Dan Thornton is right and Jigoshop has a plethora of Payment Gateways. If you are in the US, I recommend PayPal or Authorize.net only because of my experience with them. However, a new comer to the payment gateway game is a company called Stripe who seems to be gaining popularity like crazy because they are quite awesome. I don’t know if there is a plugin to hook into Jigoshop at the moment, but hopefully there will be one soon if not. The advantage of using something other than PayPal is their fees and the streamlined process of ‘not’ having to go to an external page to finish purchasing a product from your site.

    Gook luck 🙂

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