Jigoshop’s Top 10 Selling Extensions

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The Jigoshop eCommerce plugin for WordPress is a widely used eCommerce solution. You can run a simple web store out of the box without having to purchase a single extension.

However, as your site grows, it’s inevitable that you will invest in at least a couple of extensions. Jigoshop extensions are aimed at extending your web shops functionality and in many cases make things easier on your customers.

In this blog post, I’ve compiled a list of our top 10 selling extensions just give you some popular choices.

Jigoshop’s Top 10 Selling Extensions

1. PayPal Pro


 PayPal Pro is our most popular Jigoshop extension by far! The PayPal Pro Payment Gateway is a great choice for beefing up your payment methods. 

Of course, Jigoshop comes with a standard PayPal payment method. But it creates a barrier to entry, by which your customer must have a PayPal account in order to make a purchase.

PayPal Pro changes that and allows you to take credit card payments directly on your site.

Visit Paypal Pro’s product page.

2. Checkout Fields Manager 

 checkout fields manager

Have you ever just needed to change or add fields to the Jigoshop Checkout page? 

With the vast number of different types of businesses and types of products on the planet, it’s natural that some would require the change or addition of fields.

Checkout Fields Manager is just what you need! 

Visit Checkout Field Manager’s product page.

3. Premium Shipping

 premium shipping

Shipping is an important component of any business that sells physical goods. With so many different possible variables, with weight, dimension, locations, and etc., it’s important that shop owners have as much control as possible of the process.

With Premium Shipping, Jigoshop users can create virtually any shipping rule imaginable. Options include Flat Rate, Price Rate, Weight Rate, and Number of Items Rate.

Visit Premium Shipping’s product page.

4. USPS Advanced Shipping

 USPS Advanced Shipping

In the United States, the United States Postal Service is one of the top parcel carriers. It’s only natural that it would make our top 10.

USPS Advanced Shipping pulls in real-time shipping rates for multiple USPS shipping services.

Visit USPS Advanced Shipping’s product page.

5. CSV Order and Client Export

 CSV export

Having large numbers of orders can be complicating and confusing. Especially having to view them all in the Jigoshop orders panel. Imagine needing to quickly analyze your data to make decisions…

CSV Orders and Clients Export allows for the quick and accurate export of this data as a CSV spreadsheet export. 

Visit CSV Orders and Clients Export’s product page.

6. Official UPS Shipping


A shipping extension appears among our top 10 list again! 

Official UPS Shipping is popular worldwide. UPS delivers in more than 200 countries and territories.

The Official UPS Shipping extension utilizes the Official UPS API to pull in real-time UPS rates worldwide.

View Official UPS Shipping’s product page.

7. Official PDF Invoices 


What’s a company without their very own invoice? 

Yes, they are still a company.But imagine the boost in the companies professional appearance with that invoice.

Official PDF Invoices allows you that. The extension also gives you the power to change page layout, paper size, logo, and of course relevant company information.

Visit Official PDF Invoices’ product page.

8. Customer Discounts


Creating discounts is a nice way to create customer incentive to make a purchase. 

The Customer Discounts extension gives you power over a vast number of options for discounting.

Discounts can be made by product and category, restricted by for certain users and by group. 

Visit the Customer Discounts product page.

9.  Filtering Premium 


As your eCommerce business grows, sometimes the number of products offered can increase too. 

Being able to filter through products quickly can decrease the hassle of searching for specific items. As a result, increasing the likelihood of purchase.

Filtering Premium uses Categories, Tags, and Attributes to filter product lists.

Visit Filtering Premium’s product page.

10. Jigoshop Sorting 


Sorting product listing is a good way for customers to find products that they would like to purchase.

Jigoshop Sorting allows your customers to sort products by alphabet, price range, and even date added.

Visit Jigoshop Sorting’s product page.

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