Online Trends and Tips for eStores

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Greetings Jigoshop Users!

Knowing how consumers are shopping  is convenient information for shop owners all over the World—especially if you’d like to be a successful shop owner! Creating a comfortable environment for your potential customers is key.

Alight Fashion Blog has kindly allowed us to repost their Online Trends and Tips for eStores blog post on our blog as we thought it be helpful to our Jigoshop Faithful:

“40% of worldwide Internet users buy products or goods online. In the U.S. alone $38 billion of revenue was generated from mobile commerce in 2013. With everything from electronics to luxury goods available with just a click—the future of the estore appears to be a bright one.

There are a number of trends and tips that estores should follow to increase their online presence and revenue. 50% of shoppers who own a smartphone use it to shop online. Having a mobile strategy is important, especially when targeting younger shoppers. Take a look through our infographic to increase your estores online presence and number of repeat customers.”

Online Trends and Tips for eStores

This was originally published on Alight Fashion Blog.

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