Use Jigoshop to Sell Clothing and Apparel

Use Jigoshop to Sell Clothing and Apparel

If clothing and apparel is the game…. Jigoshop is the player!

Clothing and apparel has been a popular industry for as long as humans have lived! There’s not one person on the planet who doesn’t have some type of clothing or apparel. This is an industry that will always have a need so it’s a no-brainer that clothing and apparel is ripe with possibilities.

As a shop owner specializing in clothing and apparel, it’s only natural to assume that you love being close to the actual merchandise. Maybe you design T-shirts, buy clothing in bulk and re-sell it, or even make your own custom apparel for sell.

You don’t want to be boggled down with running a storefront and needing to spend hours trying to sell your product face-to-face to customers when you really want to be working on your craft. Or maybe your local area is too small to support your business on it’s own.

This is where e-Commerce comes in

With e-Commerce you can take that product and put it online for the world to see! Making your product available to anyone in the world and removing many obstacles from your path. Sure, you can put your product out in a physical shop, or maybe find a distributor to facilitate the product sales for you. But in an age of constantly growing globalization due to the internet, it’s becoming less likely that customers are willing to make purchases in a physical store.

Customers are much more likely to make purchases online due to the sheer simplicity of being able to shop from home or from anywhere they please. It’s just much more convenient than having to physically travel to your shop to make a purchase.

Make Jigoshop your e-Commerce platform

No matter what type of clothing or apparel that you specialize in, Jigoshop has a virtually unlimited amount of possibilities to help you sell!

Jigoshop is designed to be easily deployed within the WordPress environment. You can create a simple, yet fully functional web shop within a matter of minutes with little to no financial risk. Being WordPress-based makes Jigoshop the perfect option for shop owners looking to focus more on their craft and core business rather than on trying to maintain a website.

Your Jigoshop shop can be as simple or as robust as you would like it to be. Out of the box, Jigoshop offers the ability to accept payment via PayPal and Skrill/Moneybrookers. Jigoshop offers over a hundred premium extensions to extend your shops functionality to be as specific to your needs as you would like and make your site look 100% professional. Jigoshop extensions includes countless shipping methods and payment gateways,popular throughout the world making it possible to run a shop anywhere in the world.

In addition to shipping extensions and payment gateways; there are premium extensions available for any of your marketing, media, and networking needs. They can all be easily installed for quick and easy implementation.

Jigoshop is the top choice for your e-Commerce implementation. Please see our Getting Started Guide to get started!

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