Jigoshop 2.0 Beta 14 Testing

Jigoshop 2.0 Beta 14 Testing

Jigoshop 2.0 Beta 14 Testing has started

Our team of developers has been diligently working on the next major release of Jigoshop for some time now. We are now at the Beta Testing Stage of Jigoshop 2.0 development.

Jigoshop has been a major player among WordPress e-Commerce plugins; by providing everything needed to run a simple, yet robust, e-commerce solution of the box, and by offering  a vast number of extensions to further customize shops to meet the shop owners’ needs.

With any major development project, it’s important to have users test the product for possible bugs, improvements, and any other possible feedback.

Jigoshop 2.0 will be great and with your help we can make it even better.


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Please contact us via our Contact Form to report any possible bugs or improvements.