Sell Digital Products with Jigoshop eCommerce


About Digital Products

Digital products (downloadable) are a staple of modern eCommerce. With the world being so interconnected and internet speeds being so fast it is a no-brainer that digital goods are so popular.

There is no sense in a customer waiting days to weeks to receive things like music, movies, books, or anything for that matter when it can be quickly distributed digitally.

What are Good Digital Products to Sell?

There are many items besides music, books, and movies that get purchased as digital files. Here is a short list of popular digital products below (there are more than this).

  • E-Books
  • Music
  • PDF’s
  • Templates
  • Stock Images
  • Webinars

Why are Digital Products a Good Product to Sell?

Many good reasons exist to justify why digital products are an excellent choice for items to sell in your Jigoshop eCommerce store. Let’s briefly examine a few.

Convenience to Customers

We have already touched on one significant reason that digital products are an awesome product to sell in your Jigoshop eCommerce store. Digital products are convenient to everyone! A person can buy an item and have it instantly instead of waiting.

Unlimited Stock

A great thing about digital products is that you are not limited to the amount of stock in inventory. A digital file can be downloaded as many times as needed. The product’s value to the potential customer and its’ continued relevance are the only restrictions on how long an item’s sales will last.

High Profit Margins

Since digital products only costs are with creating and developing the item and there are no production and distribution of a physical product, they have a higher profit margin.

Automated Business

Once you set your shop up and add your digital product, the process is automated. The Jigoshop eCommerce plugin will handle the orders without you having to do a thing. The customer will place their order, and once the payment for the item is made the customer will be emailed a link to download the product.


Selling digital products is a no-brainer in the tech age that we are in which we are living. Not only are there benefits to the customer but there are significant advantages from an eCommerce business standpoint. The high profit margins associated with digital products is the biggest advantage.

If you are not sold on the benefits of digital goods, then I would recommend that you develop one and add it as a product to your Jigoshop eCommerce store to test the performance.

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