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Introducing Development Standards 

In any web development, where there are multiple programmers working on various elements at the same time, it’s important that everyone is on the same page.

The best way to ensure that all Jigoshop development team members code cohesively is to commit to a set standard. Coding based on our newly released Internal Development Standards drastically reduces our development time while increasing the overall performance of the core Jigoshop plugin and Jigoshop extensions.

Simplify Development

The primary purpose of our coding standards is to simplify the process. In ways like adopting a unified file structure and naming convention across our repository of more than 100 official Jigoshop extensions. For instance, our directory structure authorizes only set of approved sub folders: js, css, src, img, languages, and templates. Such adoption allows for our team of developers to work much quicker and cohesively as a unit.

All PHP code must meet the PSR-2 standard and be compatible with PHP 5.3, 5.4, 5.5 and 5.6, respectively.

Increase Performance 

Another important purpose of our Development Standards is performance. 

Our extensions contain both a 1.x version and 2.x within the src directory. This is done to reduce the number of checks required before loading the required resources.

Additionally, CSS and JavaScript files are even divided into frontend and backend files so that no resources are wasted by loading unnecessary data to the frontend of the site. The actual Development Standards Document divides these files even further.

Jigoshop Round Trip Optimizer

 Speaking of performance allows for a brief segue to something called Jigoshop Round Trip Optimizer (or JRTO). JRTO is intended to be the replacement for the now deprecated Jigoshop Web Optimization System.

JRTO is a framework (downloaded separately from Jigoshop) that combines relevant CSS and JavaScript from all activated plugins together so that it only needs to load once on the frontend. Greatly reducing loading time.

JRTO can be downloaded here: https://github.com/jigoshop/jigoshop-round-trip-optimizer

Sharing is Caring

We are publicly publishing our Internal Development Standards in hopes that any of our clients and/or fellow developers working on their own Jigoshop customization’s and extensions will adopt these standards as well. Allowing for the optimal performance of Jigoshop and ensuring that code can be easily managed.

Please read our recently released Jigoshop Internal Development Standards.

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