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So version 2.0.10 is FINALLY being released – and boy, was that one hell of a ride.
Ranting aside, let’s get to the features of the new release:

Layout Manager

Briefly – a functionality that allows the user to insert custom CSS into Jigoshop’s templates (you know – the Shop/Product List, Single Product Page…).
In order to make it close to bulletproof, we tested over 60 themes. Thoroughly. Like really thoroughly.
Most of the custom styling will be available, soon, on the Docs Page.

Let’s move to the next part, where we list the bugs that were found… and fixed.

  • Fix: Fatal error when the order was saved in admin panel triggered by multiple method shippings.
  • Fix: Variation prices on the product page.
  • Fix: Item price suffix is now present on Account Orders, Checkout Pay, Thant You pages.
  • Fix: Displaying file attachments on the product page.
  • Fix: Fix fatal error on activation triggered by options helper.
  • Fix: Tax helper should return tax for Taxable products.
  • Fix: Properly interpret “ignore meta” queries option.
  • Fix: Displaying free instead of price not announced.
  • Fix: Edit address button.
  • Fix: External view product button on the product list.
  • Fix: Notice on order list when the product was removed.
  • Fix: Notice about an undefined key in session for recently viewed products widget.
  • Fix: Don’t set shipping method when shipping is not required.
  • Fix: Notice caused by dashboard monthly report.
  • Fix: Order migration when the product no longer exists.
  • Fix: Input coupon field on the checkout page.
  • Fix: Fatal error when a product does not have default tax classes selected.
  • Fix: Fatal error when the attribute was removed from the product.
  • Fix: Query Interceptor for custom Jigoshop pages.
  • Fix: Default payment gateway select.
  • Fix: Reports for variable products.
  • Fix: Custom permalinks for products.

Yeah, so there were a few bugs, sorry about that.

So why was this release delayed by a few days? Well, let’s just say that the Head Core Developer has just finished installing his Linux Distribution. On his new laptop. What happened to the old one? Let’s just say that you should watch out for taxis.
On the flipside, there’s a lot more coming in 2.1 – email attachments, a more flexible variable product, a new gallery engine, a complete API for Jigoshop eCommerce – and that’s not even half of it.


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