/dev/blog/ – Jigoshop eCommerce 2.1 to 2.1.5

/dev/blog/ - Jigoshop eCommerce 2.1 to 2.1.5
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Since Jigoshop eCommerce version 2.1. was released in April – right after the support of Jigoshop 1.x ended – we managed to slip in a few improvements and find (as well as fix!) some bugs in the process. Version 2.1 was user-friendly and thought out, and yet you, our dear users, managed to help us find some issues that were plaguing the release – and believe me –  we worked hard on improving it! During the last five months we released updates from 2.1.1 to 2.1.5

Let me introduce you to some of our latest features that we tailored to your needs!

  • New: Product quick edit fields.
  • New: Product Categories admin page.
  • New: Order status email variable.
  • New: Email action for order status change for admin.
  • New: Possibility to show prices with and without tax.
  • New: All Forms now has a data parameter.
  • New: Shipping and Payment interfaces.
  • New: Allow to prepend product permalink with WordPress permalink.
  • New: Tool to fix order items migration.
  • New: Possibility to get the country code in ISO 3166-1 alfa-3 standard.
  • New: Tools to remove zombie variations and meta.

Some fixing and improvements were done as well!

  • Fix: Special characters in product and order fields.
  • Fix: Properly show variation SKU in order email.
  • Fix: Sale price display.
  • Fix: Properly display select attribute on the product page.
  • Fix: Do not destroy session on logout.
  • Fix: Stock amount now cannot be less than 0.
  • Fix: Add email variables from JS1.
  • Fix: Do not allow to add to cart variations with not enough stock.
  • Fix: Show only selected attribute options for a specified variable product.
  • Fix: API responses now properly includes result counts, next and prev paths, created/updated objects.
  • Fix: PayPal error when order amount was more than 999.
  • Fix: E-mail footer not included in Jigoshop emails.
  • Fix: Non-existent tax classes supplied to TaxService.
  • Fix: Not possible to disable stock manage in product variation.
  • Fix: Price filter widget, do not allow to set the same price as min and max.
  • Fix: Fatal error on order edit page caused by Free shipping.
  • Fix: Properly migrate order items.
  • Fix: Discount migration
  • Fix: Properly display custom settings tabs
  • Fix: Properly migrate stock status
  • Fix: Remove debug method from, create variations from all attributes.
  • Fix: Hide out of stock products option.
  • Fix: Adding related products to cart.
  • Fix: Fatal error related to wrong namespace use.
  • Fix: Allow to query product tags and categories at the same time.
  • Fix: Adding custom settings tab by using Integration.
  • Fix: Monthly report on the dashboard should not predict future.
  • Fix: Dynamically remove shipping from the cart if shipping is not required.
  • Fix: Coupon usage limit.
  • Fix: Missing tax classes options in variation form.
  • Fix: Improved prompt box for variation bulk actions.
  • Fix: Properly migrate product attachments.
  • Fix: Add products subtotal to order API response

We try to keep our work spotless, but again, if you’d like us to add a feature, or should you notice any bugs, give us a shout at support@jigoshop.com or at our WordPress forums – don’t forget to tag the message/post with “[Release Idea]” or “[Potential Bug]”. Thanks to all our contributors!

We are sure that these changes will make you enjoy using Jigoshop even more. New exciting things are coming soon and we promise to keep you updated!

What do you think about the latest releases? Let us know in the comment section!


2 thoughts on “/dev/blog/ – Jigoshop eCommerce 2.1 to 2.1.5”

  1. Flamekebab says:

    I had to check; it turns out that 30% of those fixes are things I personally reported on your forum (10 of 33).

  2. Paulina Błachowiak says:

    Hi Flamekebab, thank you very much for your feedback and contribution – it’s valuable for us!

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