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Jigoshop eCommerce version 2.1 has been released – quite a few new features, some fixes – you know, the usual stuff.

Let’s start with the new features

You might remember from the previous /dev/blog/ post that I’ve said: “On the flipside, there’s a lot more coming in 2.1 – email attachments, a more flexible variable product, a new gallery engine(..)”. Yup, it’s all here.
You might find the new “Bulk variation actions” options quite useful – You can set the Pricing and Inventory for multiple variations, set the dimensions and download limits, as well as change the type.

  • New: Admin notices.
  • New: My Downloads panel in my account.
  • New: Continents in Advanced Flat Rate shipping.
  • New: Dimensions and weight fields for product variations.
  • New: Replace product featured image with the image from selected variation.
  • New: Discount Entity.
  • New: Blueimp gallery for products.
  • New: Ability to add attachments to emails.
  • New: RenderPay Interface
  • New: Allow to prioritize rates in Advanced Flat Rate.
  • New: Variation bulk actions.

We’ve also found some bugs thanks to your input – thank you for helping us with making Jigoshop eCommerce great (again)

  • Fix: Product and order search.
  • Fix: Product filtering in the admin panel.
  • Fix: Do not show migration if there is no reason to migrate.
  • Fix: Properly save and download all downloadable items.
  • Fix: Download link for variation.
  • Fix: Product category and tag queries.
  • Fix: Discount summary report.
  • Fix: Coupon usage count.
  • Fix: Fee in Advanced flat rate now can be set as float.
  • Fix: WordPress links in the dashboard.
  • Fix: Fix today report graphs, now it does not show the graph to next hour.
  • Fix: Do not display shipping rates in admin panel when order does not require shipping.
  • Fix: Disable post title in order edit page.
  • Fix: Properly show downloadable fields after changing variation type.
  • Fix: Fix category thumbnail styles.
  • Fix: Properly show unpaid order list in my account.
  • Fix: Save product dynamically after product type change.
  • Fix: Do not allow to set variable product sale.
  • Fix: Only billing option.
  • Fix: Properly remove product fields from the cart.
  • Fix: Shipping rate title in cart after ajax refresh.
  • Fix: Properly remove variation featured image.

This was another release that has been postponed. And postponed again. We’ve been testing this release quite thoroughly, so we doubt that any of the new features might’ve bugs in it.
If you’d like us to add a feature, or should you notice any bugs, give us a shout at support@jigoshop.com or at our WordPress forums – don’t forget to tag the message/post with “[Release Idea]” or “[Potential Bug]”.


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