Filtering and Filtering Premium Released!


We’ve been asked multiple times about the Filtering and Filtering Premium plugins – and for a good reason – they facilitate the use of your eCommerce page’s catalog.
It took us a while to redevelop the above, but you should be satisfied with the end result – after all, it’s not about us, but about you – our users 🙂


The standard Filtering plugin enables you to:

  • Show a filtering bar before, or after, the product list.
  • Choose the type of filtering selectors – ranging from checkboxes, through radio buttons, to a select box.
  • Use AJAX to filter products
  • Filter by category – including subcategories and setting custom labels for categories.
  • Filter by tag
  • Filter by attribute

Filtering Premium

The Premium version, in addition to all the features of the standard version, enables:

  • Displaying of a graphical summary of the filtered results
  • Displaying a text summary of the filtered results
  • Assigning custom text to the “Filter” button
  • Enabling, and assigning custom text, to the “Reset Filter” button



 And this is how these plugins might render on the frontend (results may vary, depending on the theme you’re using)

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