Jigoshop 2.0 Technical Preview


Jigoshop 2.0 technical preview released!

Download Now: Jigoshop 2.0 Technical Preview 1

After 4 months of hard work on second version of Jigoshop, our development team is proud to announce release of the Jigoshop 2.0 technical preview! This version shows how we see the future of Jigoshop; introducing a lot of big improvements and many small ones as well.

We would like to start with describing big changes. In rebuilding Jigoshop we were thinking mostly about its’ speed and ability to process many products and orders. To decrease impact on loading all of the logic, we have introduced Dependency Injection pattern. Thanks to incredible Symfony Components, we were able to decouple logic and make Jigoshop faster and easier to reconfigure for plugins.

Usage of new tools for automatization – Gulp, Bower and Composer – lead to the ability to use CoffeeScript and LESS, as scripts and styles languages respectively, allowing developers to write less and get more. Moreover, we were able to introduce scripting standards and easier methods to prepare distribution packages!

Every software has bugs – we know ours isn’t the exception. To prevent re-introducing any already found problems, we created a testing environment for the Jigoshop with unit tests. Thanks to unit tests, we are able to use Continuous Integration systems to assure you whether current version passes all tests and will not introduce known bugs or problems into your shop.

As World Wide Web grows and evolves; so do we. Thus we decided to introduce automatic saving of many fields, both in admin panel and frontend. We have also revamped looks of our settings as well.

01. settings_general

Improvements to tax settings are also useful:

02. settings_taxes

Improvements were also made to attributes management – now it’s simple, easy and saves automatically!

03. product_attributes

Product data management was also re-thought with better vision of items in tabs:

04. product_data_general

05. product_data_attributes

The same applies to orders as well:

06. order_edit

All this is just the admin panel, but what about frontend you might ask? Well, we also took our time improving it. New cart and checkout experience encourages more customers to buy, as we have reorganized everything to be more user friendly!

The shop page (products list) with and without message:

07. shop_products

08. shop_products_alert

The cart:

09. cart

And the checkout:

10. checkout

Thinking about products, we also wanted them to become more appealing to the customer and product page was also updated:

11. single_product

Thanks to all of these improvements, Jigoshop is now 3 times faster in comparison to Jigoshop 1.x – this is compared by what customers mostly do: like browsing product list, adding items to cart, managing cart itself, placing an order. This whole speed-up was made without using real caching, although we are prepared to make use of memcached and WordPress Transitions API to further decrease response times.

For web developers and theme developers

We did not forget about you, don’t worry, we have saved the best for last. Introduction of Jigoshop 2.0 brings incredible, unique power of modification. Thanks to Dependency Injection (DI), developers can override every Jigoshop class they want or load their plugins using fantastic autoloading (PSR-0 compatible). You can also easily add subpages to Jigoshop admin panel and tabs to settings, thanks to easy to implement interfaces and power of DI.

For theme developers, we introduced templates for everything we use – from simple form controls (so you can adjust how input looks like) to whole pages (want to get rid of totals box in cart – you are good to go!).

Things to do

While there are many improved areas of the new Jigoshop, we are still working on more features like variable, external and downloadable product types, additional settings, more default payment gateways and shipping methods, coupons implementation and My Account with My Orders pages. We would like to get at least 70% of code coverage in tests (meaning 70% of the code is tested as thoroughly as we can think of), adjustments to Jigoshop Dashboard, and transition tool for shops on Jigoshop 1.x and of course bug hunting.

How can you help?

We encourage everybody to download our technical preview and run it on separate, only development server (do not use this software in production as it definitely contains bugs!). Seeing your feedback on how it works, whether you like interface improvements, or not, will mean a lot to us.

Take your time to test Jigoshop and influence where it goes next!

Download Now: Jigoshop 2.0 Technical Preview 1

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