Jigoshop extensions that can assist you in selling to different countries


Whatever single country your online shop built around Jigoshop operates and sells in, you shouldn’t overlook good opportunities to sell items to countries other than this one. You should remember that, on the Internet, you are competing against a much larger number of businesses than you would be on the high street, and so regularly seeking new sources of potential customers can help you to better compete with your rivals. There are extensions that you can turn to for meeting this end – here are such extensions that we would particularly recommend.

You could benefit from first turning to English-speaking markets

Given that you are reading this, it is likely that your store uses the English language – in which case, you could understandably be eyeing up primarily potential markets in other countries where the English language is commonly used. If, for example, you currently sell just in the United Kingdom, it shouldn’t be surprising if you are considering also enabling dispatch to the United States, given the language and huge number of potential markets there. Or maybe you currently run your shop in the US, but think that there are certain items you stock, like books and films about English history, that could especially appeal to many British people.

In the former case, you could download the extension called USPS Advanced Shipping, which enables you to see real-time shipping rates from the United States’ largest delivery network, United States Postal Service. If, on the other hand, you have previously largely or solely dispatched to the US, but have recently set up a special UK version of the shop, which is intended for sending items to addresses in the UK from an address in the UK, you could use the Royal Mail Shipping extension. This extension can automatically calculate shipping prices for domestic deliveries of Royal Mail, the UK-based postal service company.

There’s another crucial English-speaking market that we haven’t mentioned yet: Australia! With use of the free Jigoshop Smart Send Shipping extension, you can enable yourself and customers of your shop to easily see shipping prices and other information from Smart Send, the Australian online courier service. A customer can submit their postcode for an accurate shipping quote.

Don’t overlook the potential of markets beside the above

It is also worth considering expanding into markets where the English language is not so widely spoken. Don’t fret, you won’t have to start learning any foreign languages – instead, you can make good use of particular extensions downloadable through the Jigoshop website.

If, for instance, you are mulling over expanding into Germany, you can freely bolster the Jigoshop plugin with completely translated German language packs thanks to the extension titled German Full Translation Language Pack. Meanwhile, if you seek to start sending products to addresses in Norway, the Jigoshop Norway Custom Emails extension enables you to adhere to that country’s invoicing and tax regulations. The extension can put together specific tax reports for each order, including specific receipts for total and base prices, to prevent you having to do it manually.

If you are particularly ambitious concerning what markets you would like to enter, we would strongly urge you to use the free WPML Jigoshop Multi-Language extension. This extension makes it possible for visitors to your Jigoshop-powered online store to specify the exact language that they would like to see the store use. The text on the store can then be automatically translated in full. We haven’t even here detailed the many other available Jigoshop extensions that can benefit many store operators regardless of what exact markets they want to compete in!

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