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Jigoshop eCommerce – stability and performances

Thanks to your input – our users – and the efforts of our development team we are proud to announce that our software reached the functionality that in many cases exceeds our competitors. Performance wise we are the best on the market even if the number of products orders and users is high. Our code is written in the cleanest, most consistent and standardized way of all of the WordPress e-commerce plugins.

Jigoshop eCommerce is now at version! We improved a lot of features and fixed quite a few bugs. Those changes will significantly improve your user experience and minimize the risk of being vulnerable to exploits. It is very important that you should not neglect any critical software updates. Only the current version of the software gives you 100% certainty that your online business is stable and safe!

Software Update vs. Software Upgrade

The term ‘software update’ is often confused with the term ‘software upgrade’. Though both the terms sound similar, there is a huge difference. A “software update” updates your existing version of the program to the current version, but does not upgrade it to the next major version, while “software upgrade” allows you to upgrade a program to its next major version.

Why should I keep the software updated?

  1. Security vulnerabilities

    Security updates alone could be the most significant reason to keep your software up-to-date. Security system holes need to be sealed, as to not allow unwanted visitors to get into your, for example, database. Exploiting security vulnerabilities in order to deliver malware is a common method employed by cyber-criminals. By ignoring those updates – you are putting your business at risk of infection.

  2. Fixed bugs and crashes

    Every type of software follows the same evolution and maintenance cycle. As more of the software users begin providing feedback and point out the necessity of further development of the software due to the presence of bugs. Developers work hard on fixing them and – later on – release the fixes in new updates. If these programs aren’t updated, you can’t expect the issues to stop appearing.

  3. New and better functionalities

    Updating your software will frequently provide new or extended features. For example, the recent updates to Jigoshop eCommerce have improved the product by adding the Setup Wizard. It’s a tool that will guide you through the setup of the most important options at the start of your Jigoshop eCommerce experience. Keeping your software updated also puts you a step ahead of your competition. New features can provide you with competitive advantages that can help your online business flourish!

Paypal changes at a glance

PayPal has made significant changes in the product range over the past year: PayPal Website Pro is no longer supported – it has been replaced by PayPal Payments Pro – available now (for free!) on our website. Furthermore, PayPal has introduced a number of fixes and modifications to their API, for example, they are now deprecating the imperial notation of the thousands separator (‘,’ or ‘comma’), which will affect most sites in a short period of time. Therefore we strongly recommend updating PayPal to the latest version in order to keep your business going without any problems!

Our support is here for you…

If you have any questions, problems, ideas or suggestions give us a shout at, they are very valuable to us! All the improvements are mostly possible thanks to you – our users! Your input helps us develop our software to high standards and identify and fix many bugs.

Last but not least

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Give us your thoughts on the updates in the comment section down below!


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