About BluePay for Jigoshop

BluePay for Jigoshop allows you to accept credit cards and cheque payments via BluePay E-check.



To install your plugin:

  1. Navigate to Plugins Add New.
  2. At the top of the Add Plugins page, click the Upload Plugins button.
  3. Click Choose File.
  4. In the File Upload pop-up, choose the plugin’s .zip file from the hard drive and then click Open.
  5. Click Install Now.
  6. After installation, you have to click the Activate Plugin button.
  7. You will be transferred to the Plugin page; BluePay for Jigoshop should now be visible.


SSL Requirement

Google Checkout requires an SSL Certificate in order to function. In addition, you will need to enable Force SSL on checkout within the Jigoshop settings.

  1. Navigate to Jigoshop → Settings and click the General tab.
  2. Scroll down to the Checkout Page section.
  3. Tick the checkbox for Force SSL on checkout.
  4. Click Save General Settings to save the changes.

Jigoshop Force SSL on Checkout

Configuring BluePay for Jigoshop

  1. Navigate to Jigoshop → Settings and click the Payment Gateways tab.
  2. Scroll down to the BluePay section.
  3. Tick the Enable BluePay checkbox.
  4. Enter the Method Title – this will be the title that customers will see at checkout.
  5. Enter the Description – this will be the description that customers will see on checkout.
  6. Enter your BluePay Account ID – it’s a 12-digit Account ID.
  7. Enter your BluePay User ID – it’s a 12-digit User ID.
  8. Enter your Secret Key.
  9. Tick the Test Mode checkbox for testing – orders will not be processed.
  10. Set the Checkout Method:
    • Authorize Only (default)
    • Authorize & Capture 
  11. Enable Debug by ticking the checkbox.

BluePay for Jigoshop - Settings


During Checkout your customers will be able to Checkout with Credit Card now that you will have BluePay installed and active.

BluePay for Jigoshop - Checkout with Credit Card