Easily create coupons for your eCommerce site using the coupons feature within Jigoshop’s core plugin.


  1. The Coupon feature comes standard in Jigoshop core


  1. Navigate to Jigoshop → Coupons.
  2. Choose your coupon type. Options are: Cart, Cart %, Product, and Product % Discount.
  3. Set Coupon Amount.
  4. Now choose the dates that the coupon can be used.
  5. Next, you have an option for Usage Limit.
  6. Toggle Individual Use if you want this coupon to supersede others and not count them.
  7. Check Free Shipping if you desire.
  8. You have the option to set an Order Max and Min threshold to validate coupon.
  9. Next, you can select the Included and Excluded Products or Categories (choose product or category; not both).
  10. The last option is to set what Payment Methods are allowed to be used with said coupon.
  11. Publish the coupon for Coupon Code to generate.