1. Navigate to Products > Add Product

add product nav

2. Add your product’s title, description and if required add it to a category.

title description category

3. Under Product Data > Product Type, choose a Simple product type. Then add a short summary of the product.

product type

4. Product Data > General tab. Here you can decide on its visibility if it’s a featured product or not, the price and you can set a sale price if you are having a sale.

general tab

5. Product Data > Advanced tab. Here you are able to set the tax status and class specific to that product, the weight, and dimensions and if the product can be personalised. This is an optional step.

advanced tab

6. Product Data > Inventory tab. Here you can set if you want the store to handle the stock for you and if so how much stock you have also if the product is in stock.

inventory tab

7. Product Data > Attributes tab. This is mainly used if you are using variable products, but if you just want some simple text attributes you can do so here. This is an optional step.

attributes tab

8. Beneath Product Data, you will find an Excerpt box. Here you can set an excerpt for your products, some themes will show the excerpt and others won’t.


9. Want to add pictures of your product? Check out our guide to do just that.

10. You are now ready to publish your first product!