About Customer Discounts

The Customer Discount extension allows you to assign a discount to more than one product or a whole category. You can also specify a discount for an individual user, or a particular group, meaning that you can offer a range of discounts depending on the person making a purchase.



To install your plugin:

  1. Navigate to Plugins Add New.
  2. At the top of the Add Plugins page, click the Upload Plugins button.
  3. Click Choose File.
  4. In the File Upload pop-up, choose the plugin’s .zip file from the hard drive and then click Open.
  5. Click Install Now.
  6. After installation, you have to click the Activate Plugin button.
  7. You will be transferred to the Plugin page; Customer Discount should now be visible.



To activate the plugin:

  1. Navigate to Jigoshop Manage Licenses.
  2. Fill the boxes with appropriate information (license key and activation email).
  3. Click the Save button.
  4. Your plugin should now be active.


To configure Customer Discounts:

  1. Navigate to Jigoshop → Settings.
  2. Click the Customer Discounts tab.
  3. Enable Show old price (optional / default = “No”) – Setting this to “Yes” will show the old price of the product.
  4. Enable Include discount when coupon is used? (optional / default = “No”) – Setting this to “Yes” will enable discounts on products when using coupons. Attention! When coupon + discount means free item – discount is dropped when “Allow free products with coupons” is set to “No”.
  5. Enable Allow free products (optional / default =”No”) – Setting this to “Yes” will allow you to create discounts making products free.
  6. Enable Allow free products with coupons (optional / default “No”) – Setting this to “Yes” will allow your customers to get free products when coupons are used. When it is set to “No” your customers can still use coupons, but when product price when the coupon is used will be 0 then the coupon is discarded.
  7. Enable Show first time purchase discounts (optional / default =”Yes”) – Setting this to “No” will hide first purchase discounts to not logged in clients.
  8. Displaying “How much you saved”
    • Display on product page (optional / default “No”)
    • Display in cart (optional / default “No”) – This option means you want to display savings in unit price.
    • Display in subtotal cart (optional / default “Yes”) – This option means you want to display savings in subtotal.
    • Display on checkout (optional / default “No”)
  9. Press Save Customer Discount Changes to save.


To create a discount using Customer Discounts:

  1. Navigate to Jigoshop → Discounts.
  2. Click Add Discount at the top.
  3. Enter a title in the box with the placeholder text “Enter title here.”
  4. Set the Discount Type via the dropdown menu:
    • Fixed Price
    • Percentage Price
    • Product Quantity – Quantity of selected product in cart to apply the discount, i.e. 5.
    • Each X products – Which product has a discount, i.e. every third item is $3.
    • From X products – After how many products you want to give the discount, i.e. third, fourth and so on product discounted is $2.
    • Products in cart – Number of products in cart to apply the discount, i.e. 5.
    • Cart threshold – Minimum cart value to apply discount.
  5. Set Discount Value – Enter a value, i.e. 9.99 or 20%.
  6. Select Products – Control which products this coupon can apply to (leave blank for Any).
  7. Select Categories – Control which product categories this discount can apply to (leave blank for Any).
  8. Select Users – Control which user this discount can apply to (leave blank for Any).
  9. Select Groups – Control which group this discount can apply to (leave blank for Any).
  10. Enable Only first purchase? (optional / default =”No”) – Select to allow the discount for the first purchase that client has made in your shop.
  11. Click Publish to save.


In this example, we will create a 15% discount, applicable only to our shop’s Clothing category and only for first-time purchasers.