About Jigoshop Selective Pricing Display

Have you ever wanted to hide your products prices from the general audience and only show them to selected clients?

Now it’s possible with our new Selective Pricing Display extension. This simple plugin allows you to show the prices and add to cart button only to users registered on your website, and on the top of that, you can also specify the registered users’ roles which are allowed to see the pricing.



To install your plugin:

  1. Navigate to Plugins → Add New.
  2. At the top of the page click the Upload Plugins button.
  3. Click Choose File.
  4. Now choose the plugin’s .zip file from the hard drive, open it and install.
  5. The plugin is being installed.
  6. After installation, you have to click the Activate Plugin button.
  7. You will be transferred to the Plugin List, Selective Pricing Display should now be visible.



To activate the plugin:

  1. Navigate to Jigoshop → Manage Licences.
  2. Fill the boxes with appropriate information (licence key and activation email)
  3. Click the Save button
  4. Your plugin should now be active



To configure the plugin:

  1. Navigate to Jigoshop → Settings → Jigoshop Selective Pricing Display.
  2. Click the checkbox to Enable Module.
  3. Now Select User Roles to determine which groups are allowed to view pricing.

selective pricing settings


Shop when Customer doesn’t meet required user role to purchase

selective pricing without price

Shop when Customer meets required user role to purchase

selective pricing with price

Additional Information

How to Create User Roles

WordPress only comes out of the box with a few user roles. These user roles are only associated with user permissions within WordPress, like Admin, Contributor, Editor, Guest, and etc.

Jigoshop adds Customer and Shop Manager to the list.

It’s only natural that you would want to add to the list of roles. The following method will allow just that.

Capability Manager Enhanced Plugin

Capability Manager Enhanced allows you complete control of WordPress user roles. You can add new roles and even alter the capabilities of existing roles

Features include 

  • Create roles
  • Manage role capabilities
  • Supports negation: set any capability to granted, not granted, or blocked
  • Copy any role all network sites
  • Mark any role for auto-copy to future network sites
  • Backup and restore Roles and Capabilities to revert your last changes.
  • Revert Roles and Capabilities to WordPress defaults.