Editing Jigoshop Language Files


  1. changing code in wp-config.phpOpen your “wp-config.php” and add your language i.e. “en_GB” to the function “define()” on line 73. Save the file.
  2. Codestyling Localization plugin: Download here…

    Install the plugin “CodeStyling Localization”. Activate it.
  3. Navigating to tools in admin panelNavigate to tools/localization in your WordPress admin panel.
  4. adding languageScroll down to “Jigoshop” and check to see if your desired language is installed. If not, add it.
  5. rescanningSelect “Rescan” to make sure all the phrases have been included.
  6. generating mo fileSelect “Edit” next to your desired language, and the “generate-mo-file”.
  7. translating phrasesNow, you can search for phrases you would like to change and edit them.