Created Upon Installation

The following shortcodes are inserted into pages upon installation and therefore shouldn’t need to be used anywhere else:

    • [jigoshop_cart] – shows the cart page
    • [jigoshop_checkout] – shows the checkout page
    • [jigoshop_pay] – shows the checkout pay page
    • [jigoshop_order_tracking] – shows the order tracking form
    • [jigoshop_my_account] – shows the user account page
    • [jigoshop_edit_address] – shows the user account edit address page
    • [jigoshop_view_order] – shows the user account view order page

Advanced Options

The following shortcodes can be used anywhere you want:

  • [add_to_cart id="1" sku="1"] – SKU is optional. Returns the add to cart URL for this product
  • [[add_to_cart_url id="1" sku="1" price="no" class="yourClass"] – SKU, Price, Class are all optional. With the price set to no, it will only show the add to cart button for this product. With the price set to yes, the product’s price + button will be displayed.
  • [featured_products per_page="12" columns="4" pagination="yes"] – Works exactly the same as recent products but displays products which have been set as “featured”.
  • [jigoshop_category slug="category-name" per_page="8" columns="4" pagination="yes"] – Works the same way as recent products shortcode, but instead, it displays the category you input for slug [product id=”99″] – Show a single product by ID
    • 'jigoshop_product_list' – shortcode used to display the list of product in a column or row format, fetched by specified taxonomy and terms. Parameters:
    • `number` – number of products to download, default: `jigoshop_catalog_per_page` option
    • `order_by' – ordering of the products, default: “date
    • `order` – type of ordering of the products, default: “desc
    • `orientation' – the orientation of items, default: “rows
    • 'taxonomy' – taxonomy to restrict products to, default: “product_cat
    • 'terms' – list of term slugs to fetch can be an array or space separated string, default: empty
    • `thumbnails` – decides whether to show thumbnails or not, default: “show
    • `sku` – decides whether to show SKU value or not, default: “hide
  • [product sku="FOO"] – Show a single product by SKU
  • [products ids="1, 2, 3, 4, 5" pagination="yes"] – Show multiple products by ID
  • [products skus="foo, bar, baz" orderby="date" order="desc" pagination="yes"] – Show multiple products by SKU
  • [product_search] – Displays a search field to search through all products
  • [recent_products per_page="12" columns="4" pagination="yes"] – Lists recent products – useful on the homepage. The per page limits the number of recent products shown, and the columns attribute controls how many columns wide the products should be before wrapping.
  • [sale_products] – Displays all products on sale