• You will lose all customization made to core Jigoshop files when upgrading. This is why it is recommended all customization is created through your theme’s functions.php or Jigoshop templates added to a child theme.
  • It is recommended that you backup your WordPress database and /jigoshop/ folder before each upgrade.
  • If you want to try our beta version, it is absolutely recommended you use wp-contents/plugins/jigoshop/ as the folder structure, rather than the long garbled file name that the beta download usually has.


  1. In WordPress admin, visit Plugins → Installed Plugins
  2. Click update automatically


  1. Deactivate Jigoshop in WordPress
  2. Delete the wp-contents/plugins/jigoshop/ folder
  3. Download and extract Jigoshop back to wp-contents/plugins/jigoshop/
  4. Activate Jigoshop through WordPress plugin manager