Jigoshop Showcase #40 Nordic Appeal

Jigoshop Showcase

It’s always great to see Jigoshop being used by artists, designers and creative people around the world. This week we’re showcasing an example of Scandinavian design, both for the site, and the products being sold on it.


Jigoshop Showcase #40 Nordic Appeal

Nordic Appeal was started by Danish photographers and designers Maria and Martin, to offer laptop accessories to improve the workplace. Their products are made in Denmark and use environmentally friendly materials, such as sustainably forested wood.


The homepage is used to clearly set out the design-led aspects of the Nordic Appeal brand, along with the selling points; Danish design and manufacture, and the ties to the environment including packaging with recycled paper and water-based ink.  The navigation is kept simple – About, Store and News is all that’s required, and the News section is regularly updated with the latest company and product information. It also features a Store widget to direct people to the shopping section.


Maria and Martin decided to use a custom-built theme, which is easy to do given the Jigoshop and WordPress base for the website. Jigoshop was chosen was ‘ease of use and easy installation’, and they’re planning to add a shipping extension for international sales.

In the meantime, they do allow customers to set the default currency between Danish Kronor and Euros.

“Jigoshop is very straightforward to use. It works. I tried an alternative, but it wasn’t stable enough and difficult to setup. We’d recommend Jigoshop to other business owners.


As you’d expect from two photographers, the products come with great images showing them in use. And there are plenty of additional pictures to show options such as your choice of wood (e.g oak or walnut), other features, and alternative ways to use a particular product.

For example the laptop shelf above which also includes a demonstration of how it can be used attached to a wall, rather than on a desk.

Given the style and natural beauty of Nordic Appeal’s products, and the association they have with Apple products, the clean theme and photos definitely come together for anyone that’s looking to compliment their MacBook in the home or office.

Product Descriptions detail what is included, the features of each product, and useful information such as weight and size.  Everything you need to make the decision to purchase. And Jigoshop’s Related Products mean you can easily see other similar products in the range.

It’s great to see a new small business like Nordic Appeal off to such a great start, and how Jigoshop has helped them to retail their products online. Make a note of them if you are looking to improve your home or office!


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We love to see the great online shops which are being created using Jigoshop, and this is a series highlighting the amazing stores that have come to our attention. If you’ve gone live with an implementation of Jigoshop and would like to be featured and promoted, email dan.thornton@jigoshop.com

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  1. Martin Bay says:

    Thanks for including our site in the showcases. We hare very please and want to which you guys on Jigoshop a merry Christmas 🙂

  2. mr-gadget.net says:

    cool theme 🙂 how can i download

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