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CardSave was created by an independent retailer back in 1995 when he grouped together with other small businesses to offer a lower-cost payments provider. Having become a member of the largest UK card processor (by transaction), WorldPay, the service has now grown to include 45,000 members. The Direct/Integrated method of integration allows the customers’ card details to be taken directly on the merchant’s website. This is the most flexible integration method technically, opening up the communication with the CardSave gateway. This integration method also lends itself to a high-level experience for the customer as the payment section is integrated fully into the website. The look and feel of the payment page comply exactly to the website’s visual specification.

Fees and pricing


Designed for businesses seeking a flexible, low commitment option. Whether you’re a seasonal business, start-up or simply prefer to pay as you go. Peace of mind for businesses that have consistent monthly transaction volumes and want an inclusive plan, with a monthly rate fixed in advance. Suited to established businesses with varying transaction volumes, looking for a customised monthly plan with lower transaction charges.
Simple transaction fees which are only charged when you take a payment, with no fixed monthly commitment. One fixed regular monthly fee giving you inclusive transactions and covering your online payments gateway. A combination of regular monthly fees and transaction charges that are based on your business volumes.
Online payments gateway Fixed monthly rate 350 online gateway transactions
Choice of bolt-on options Online transaction fees* Virtual Terminal
Business Manager Online payments gateway Pay by Link
PCI annual management fee^ Virtual Terminal Business Manager
24/7 customer support Pay by Link Worldpay Benefits Club, business, and personal offers
Business Manager 24/7 customer support
PCI annual management fee^
Worldpay Benefits Club, business, and personal offers
24/7 customer support
Charges Charges Charges
Online set-up fee £25 Monthly package fee from £49.99 includes transactions up to set threshold* and authorization fees Monthly online payments gateway fee £19.95 
No fixed monthly commitment and a single transaction rate**   Transaction authorisation fees apply
Transaction authorisation fees apply   Separate Debit & Credit transaction rates**
Gateway fee, 10p per transaction   Gateway fee, 10p per transaction (after first 350 transactions)
Premium transactions incur higher fees   PCI annual mngt fee £29.99^
  Premium transactions incur higher fees
Bolt-ons (optional) Bolt-ons (optional) Bolt-ons (optional)
Virtual Terminal Future Pay  Future Pay 
Accept card payments over the phone. £9.95 p/mth Recurring payments Recurring payments
Pay by Link Risk Manager Risk Manager 
Take payments via email £9.95 p/mth 10p per transaction 10p per transaction
Future Pay
Recurring payments
Risk Manager
10p per transaction
Worldpay Benefits Club
Business & personal offers for just £5.99 p/mth
Pay as you go is less suited if you consistently have high volumes of transactions or particularly high levels of corporate and non-UK issued card transactions. A fixed monthly plan is less suited if your business is seasonal or you have transaction levels that vary from month to month. The standard plan is less suited to businesses with low volumes of transactions.

The live environment requires an SSL certificate for PCI compliance, although the gateway can be implemented and tested without an SSL.

The gateway requires outgoing port 4430 TCP to be open on the merchant’s server. You will need to talk to the website hosting company if this port is not already open.



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