Jigoshop PayPal Express Gateway

Version: 3.0.1
Jigoshop 1.x Compatible: Yes
Jigoshop 2.x Compatible: No
Last modified: 2016-08-01
Jigoshop version required: 1.18.2
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There are now three options to give you the best possible solutions for PayPal payments on your site. We already offer PayPal payments as a part of your standard Jigoshop installation with standard checkout using PayPal’s website to complete purchases. It means you don’t need to complete any additional set-ups to start making money. And we’ve previously offered PayPal Pro if you hold the required merchant account and you’re located in the US, UK or Canada. Now we’ve completed the set with PayPal Express – it uses the PayPal API to integrate the service into your website with just a PayPal Business Account. The main difference is that once your customer is transferred to approve the use of PayPal, they are then returned to your website to complete their order, making the process quicker and more seamless. It’s not only quicker and easier for purchases, but it also means that you can get real-time updates of successful payments. The one difference is that it isn’t suitable for making credit card purchases without signing into PayPal, so it’s best used in conjunction with a credit card payment gateway such as Sagepay for credit cards.

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5.00 out of 5

2 reviews for Jigoshop PayPal Express Gateway

  1. 5out of 5

    Rating by Gary Yates on October 27, 2016 :

    Great plugin!
  2. 5out of 5

    Rating by mirandajeannine on October 27, 2016 :

    Works very well on my site!

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