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Version: 3.0.1
Jigoshop 1.x Compatible: Yes
Jigoshop 2.x Compatible: No
Last modified: N/A
Jigoshop version required: 1.18.4
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Search Engine Optimisation is massively important to successful online eCommerce businesses. In addition to driving traffic to your store, search engines also target consumers who are actively researching or looking to buy, and it can be a huge source of new customers. The new Jigoshop SEO Deluxe Plugin includes a massive amount of functionality, including some Jigoshop-specific options which make it the most suitable way to optimise your store to appear higher in Google and Bing’s search results. The features include:

  • Product Category Base URLs – change or remove ‘product-category’ from URLs.
  • SEO Friendly URLs – For the included layered navigation widget, you can replace attribute IDs in your URLs with actual attribute names, which is far better for search engines.
  • Automatically generated meta info for categories: Set a template for page titles and meta descriptions for category pages – as the user browses using filters, the template will generate page titles and meta descriptions for each combination.
  • Automatically generated meta info for products: Set a template for the page title and meta description for each product.
  • Custom meta info for categories: In addition to templates, you can define a custom static page title and meta description to be used.
  • Custom meta info for products: In addition to templates, you can define a custom static product page title and meta description to be used.
  • Noindex/Nofollow individual categories: Set whether search engines will index a category page and/or follow links.
  • Noindex/Nofollow individual products: Set whether search engines will index this product page and/or follow links.
  • New SEO-layered nav widget: Allows the new layered navigation widget to output SEO-friendly URLs.
  • New selected filters widget: Shows what filters have been selected and allows you to remove filters.
  • Improved breadcrumbs: Breadcrumbs will now show filters selected in order.

That’s an awfully big list, but the end result is an SEO tab in three sections, for Jigoshop SEO Settings, Global Category Meta Settings, and Global Product Meta Settings, and just a few minutes work can make a huge difference in how your site performs in search engine results. It also allows you to really tweak what descriptions appear in search results, which means you can tailor your copy to encourage more people to click through and visit your shop. In addition to the extension, the product zip file also includes a link to a more comprehensive and detailed guide to each setting.

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